A set I made mainly comprising levels with ice blocks that I wanted to keep separate from TCCLP. pgchip is required.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 64270
1Jeffrey Bardon63830
2Tom Rowe39220
3Tyler Sontag38490
4Paul Gilbert35470
6Mike L21110
7Nikola Tesla9200


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1231 Paul Gilbert241Tom Rowe
2277jeanneTom Rowe  
399Tyler SontagTom Rowe  
488Tom Rowe 89Jeffrey Bardon
5146Mike LTom Rowe  
6294Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
7375 jeanne383Tom Rowe
9145 Jeffrey Bardon146Paul Gilbert
10276Paul Gilbert 333Jeffrey Bardon
11   279Jeffrey Bardon
12   240Jeffrey Bardon
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