pgchip.exe README
by pieguy
last modified: 4/24/06
version: 1.0


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The zip file should contain the following files:
  1. pgchip.exe -- the patch program
  2. pgchip.c
    pgchip.h -- source code (warning: not very well-commented)
  3. pgchip.txt -- (a text version of this page)

Other Files

a sample avi showing most of the features of the patch.
a modified version of chipedit which displays ice blocks correctly and allows ice block cloners to be connected.
a modified version of tile world (thanks to Andrew E.) that incorporates the ice block.

How To Use

should be self-explanatory. just run the program and follow the instructions.
Note: because this is a DOS program, long filenames are not supported. keep your filenames to no more than 8 characters + an optional 3-character extension. The patch program will automatically append a .exe extension for you if you don't type in any extension in the filename. Pathnames are supported.

Description of Patch

pgchip.exe is a DOS program that can patch your CHIPS.EXE to convert one of the previously unused tiles (tile 56) into an ice block. the ice block tile acts the same as a regular block except that: additionally, pgchip.exe modifies the game to accept data files with a signature of 0x0003AAAC in addition to the usual 0x0002AAAC.

Interaction with other patches

as far as i know, pgchip.exe is fully compatable with any other known patches, including mychip, chipend, fullsec, and ccpatch. however, fullsec causes CHIPS.EXE to ignore file signatures, so it will attempt to open and play levelsets designed to be played with pgchip even if pgchip has not been installed.

Side effects of patch

certain levels which rely on uninitialized data will no longer play properly (such as the old version of pi^2.dat level 10, which i removed). also levels with obscure cloning combinations (pi.dat level 41). however, this type of level is extremely uncommon.

Known bugs

Change Log

Version 1.0: