Please consider these levels for inclusion in voting for any future community produced level pack, provided that I do not release a set that supersedes this.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 542580
1Tyler Sontag535620
2Miika Toukola524960
5Tom Brown2280


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1180Tyler Sontag 181Syzygy
2300Tyler Sontag 313Syzygy
3289Tyler Sontag 312Syzygy
4387Tyler Sontag 389Syzygy
5245Miika Toukola 259Syzygy
6274Tyler Sontag 338Miika Toukola
7305Tyler Sontag 321Syzygy
8170Tyler Sontag 181Syzygy
9434Tyler Sontag 471Syzygy
10337Syzygy 355Miika Toukola
11357Tyler Sontag 368Syzygy
12333Tyler Sontag 353Syzygy
13169Tyler Sontag 175Syzygy
14157Tyler SontagBowman  
15254Tyler Sontag 258Syzygy
16358 Miika Toukola364Syzygy
17372Tyler Sontag 393Miika Toukola
18379Tyler Sontag 415Syzygy
19476Tyler Sontag 497Syzygy
20112Tyler SontagBowman  
21304Tyler Sontag 310Syzygy
22369Tyler Sontag 393Syzygy
23248 Syzygy284Tyler Sontag
24292Tyler Sontag 295Syzygy
25278Tyler Sontag 307Syzygy
26312Tyler Sontag 342Miika Toukola
27444 Miika Toukola446Syzygy
28245 Miika Toukola246Bowman
29333 Miika Toukola488Tyler Sontag
30211Syzygy 216Miika Toukola
31346Tyler Sontag 372Miika Toukola
32479Tyler Sontag 512Miika Toukola
33311Tyler Sontag 320Miika Toukola
34206 Miika Toukola375Tyler Sontag
35321 Miika Toukola355Syzygy
36242 Syzygy249Tyler Sontag
37263 Miika Toukola272Tyler Sontag
38414 Miika Toukola427Tyler Sontag
39133 Bowman238Tyler Sontag
40528Tyler Sontag 599Miika Toukola
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