This is a compilation of favorite levels that I have created over the past several years, designed to be played in Microsoft's CC port, Tile World's MS emulation, and any version of CC that uses the Atari Lynx ruleset. Please consider for CCLP3 voting. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy playing!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 2909230
1Tom Rowe2826460
2Miika Toukola2823890
4Paul Gilbert1801740
5Mike L1047980
6J.B. Lewis960300
8Nikola Tesla671980
9Tyler Sontag544520
10Pat T.432210
12Larry Jackson244920
13Dale Bryan217250
14Peter Marks155430
15Jacques =)115150
16Finn Jepsen110640
17Andrew Gapic38390
18andrew b34210
19James Anderson31730
20Charles Wenzel19070
21Evan Dummit14780


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1409Dale Bryan 410J.B. Lewis
2310jeanneJ.B. Lewis  
3275Tom Rowe 276J.B. Lewis
4462Dale BryanJ.B. Lewis  
5265 Nikola Tesla270Pat T.
6258 andrew b272Andrew Gapic
7226Dale Bryanandrew b  
8276 J.B. Lewis280Dale Bryan
9458Larry JacksonAndrew Gapic  
10225Dale BryanPat T.  
11327Tom RowePat T.329Dale Bryan
12329Paul Gilbert 351Tyler Sontag
13312Dale BryanJ.B. Lewis  
14326Dale Bryan 330Miika Toukola
15250Tom Rowe 253J.B. Lewis
16536 Larry Jackson538Dale Bryan
17467Dale BryanPat T.  
18339Pat T. 343Miika Toukola
19387Dale BryanPaul Gilbert  
20295Dale BryanJ.B. Lewis  
21388Dale BryanJ.B. Lewis  
22534 Paul Gilbert540Larry Jackson
23233Dale Bryan 237Miika Toukola
24254Dale BryanPat T.255J.B. Lewis
25324Mike L 325Tom Rowe
26331J.B. Lewis 356Miika Toukola
27461Pat T. 463Tom Rowe
28369Pat T.Tom Rowe  
29331Dale Bryan
30515Larry JacksonDale Bryan526Miika Toukola
31290Paul GilbertMiika Toukola  
32372jeanne 388Dale Bryan
33358Tom Rowe 360Pat T.
34494 Paul Gilbert496Tom Rowe
35330Pat T.Tom Rowe335J.B. Lewis
36404Tom Rowe 441Mike L
37319Tom Rowe 350Paul Gilbert
38257Tom Rowe 302Miika Toukola
39470Tom Rowe 476Pat T.
40300Mike L 302Tom Rowe
41137Mike L 150J.B. Lewis
42198Mike L 237Miika Toukola
43182Mike L 186J.B. Lewis
44309 Miika Toukola312Tom Rowe
45343Paul Gilbert 348Tom Rowe
46381 Bowman409Tom Rowe
47285 Paul Gilbert289J.B. Lewis
48242Mike L 249Tom Rowe
49358 J.B. Lewis360Tom Rowe
50306Tom Rowe 322J.B. Lewis
51232Tom Rowe 236J.B. Lewis
52291J.B. Lewis 296Miika Toukola
53288Tom Rowe 300J.B. Lewis
54139 Mike L182Tom Rowe
55423 James Anderson425J.B. Lewis
56136J.B. Lewis 137Miika Toukola
57394J.B. Lewis 406Tom Rowe
58225Tom Rowe 239J.B. Lewis
59139Paul GilbertJ.B. Lewis140J.B. Lewis
6062 Miika Toukola192Tom Rowe
61135Paul GilbertMike L  
62129 Miika Toukola223Tom Rowe
63213 Paul Gilbert215Tom Rowe
64174J.B. Lewis 180Miika Toukola
65227J.B. Lewis 230Tom Rowe
66207Tom Rowe 223J.B. Lewis
67227Leonardo 263J.B. Lewis
68132 Leonardo227Tom Rowe
69236Leonardo 377Tom Rowe
70384 Mike L389J.B. Lewis
71220 Mike L311J.B. Lewis
72288J.B. Lewis 292Miika Toukola
73339Tom Rowe 354J.B. Lewis
74215Tom Rowe 220Miika Toukola
75701J.B. Lewis 774Tom Rowe
76169Tyler Sontag 185Miika Toukola
77204Miika Toukola 208Paul Gilbert
78320 Tom Rowe331Paul Gilbert
79427 Tom Rowe453Paul Gilbert
80299 Miika Toukola506Tom Rowe
81317 Paul Gilbert330Tom Rowe
82272 Miika Toukola288Tom Rowe
83342 Tom Rowe349Paul Gilbert
84198 Miika Toukola213Paul Gilbert
85249 Bowman311Tom Rowe
86242Tom RoweMiika Toukola243Miika Toukola
87206Paul GilbertTom Rowe209Miika Toukola
88243Tom Rowe 260Miika Toukola
89227Tom Rowe 231Miika Toukola
90523 Tom Rowe530Miika Toukola
91265Paul Gilbert 296Tom Rowe
92297Tom Rowe 300Miika Toukola
93506 Miika Toukola510Tom Rowe
94286Paul Gilbert 293Tom Rowe
95626Tom Rowe 640Miika Toukola
96655Paul GilbertMiika Toukola  
97152 Tom Rowe153Miika Toukola
98291Paul Gilbert 301Tom Rowe
99673 Miika Toukola723Tom Rowe
100250 Tom Rowe252Paul Gilbert
101451Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
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