Several levels in this set are not emulated correctly in older versions of Tile World. Therefore, using only MSCC or the most recent version of Tile World (currently 1.3.0) to play this set is suggested.
As far as I know, the only levels that still have significant emulation bugs in TW 1.3.0 are 94 and 121. See the comment page for more details.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 5810600
1Evan Dummit5198020
2Paul Gilbert5056850
4J.B. Lewis3853600
5Nikola Tesla3420650
6Tom Rowe3325730
7Mike L2588110
8Larry Jackson1958540
9Finn Jepsen1552350
10Jimmy Vermeer1446260
11andrew b609880
13shmuel siegel213010
14Andrew Gapic175490
15Blake Ebert75680


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1976J.B. LewisNikola Tesla  
2352Larry JacksonPaul Gilbert  
3886jeannePaul Gilbert  
4588shmuel siegelJ.B. Lewis  
5884jeanneLarry Jackson  
6694 Tom Rowe698J.B. Lewis
7629Evan DummitTom Rowe  
8490Mike LEvan Dummit  
9457Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
10844 Paul Gilbert847jeanne
1111Larry JacksonJ.B. Lewis  
12956 andrew b958J.B. Lewis
13643Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
14895Evan Dummit 898J.B. Lewis
15967andrew bPaul Gilbert  
16280Paul GilbertNikola Tesla  
17971Tom Rowejeanne  
18954shmuel siegeljeanne  
19999Mike LEvan Dummit  
20350 Nikola Tesla362jeanne
21783Mike LJ.B. Lewis  
22969Evan DummitJ.B. Lewis  
231Mike LEvan Dummit  
24515Paul Gilbert 516J.B. Lewis
25535Mike LLarry Jackson  
26435Larry JacksonEvan Dummit  
27843Evan DummitJ.B. Lewis  
2880 Nikola Tesla82Paul Gilbert
29461Larry JacksonEvan Dummit  
30522J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
31954jeanneTom Rowe  
32439 Paul Gilbert440jeanne
33813Evan DummitTom Rowe  
34430 Nikola Tesla450Paul Gilbert
351Mike LLarry Jackson  
36852jeanneEvan Dummit  
37286jeanneTom Rowe290Larry Jackson
38  471Tom Rowe
39360Tom Rowejeanne  
40782Tom Rowejeanne  
41956Evan DummitTom Rowe966Larry Jackson
4226jeanne 32Larry Jackson
438Evan Dummit 18Paul Gilbert
44357Paul GilbertEvan Dummit  
45365jeanne 400Jimmy Vermeer
46602 Evan Dummit655Larry Jackson
47235Evan DummitMike L  
48918Larry Jackson 919J.B. Lewis
49422 Larry Jackson451jeanne
502Evan Dummitjeanne  
51755 Andrew Gapic769Evan Dummit
52  722Evan Dummit
53743 jeanne764Evan Dummit
5450Mike LEvan Dummit  
55494Evan DummitMike L  
56974Evan DummitTom Rowe  
5727Mike LEvan Dummit  
58921Mike LLarry Jackson922J.B. Lewis
59986 Jimmy Vermeer991Mike L
60962Larry JacksonPaul Gilbert  
61232Mike LFinn Jepsen  
62  817jeanne
63694jeanneMike L  
64522J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
65885Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
66487Evan Dummit 489Paul Gilbert
68522Finn JepsenEvan Dummit  
69926Larry JacksonPaul Gilbert  
70635Tom Rowejeanne  
71782Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
7246Mike LJ.B. Lewis  
735Mike LEvan Dummit  
74396Evan Dummitjeanne  
75194Evan DummitLarry Jackson  
76639Evan Dummit 728Paul Gilbert
7776J.B. Lewisandrew b  
79726 Paul Gilbert732J.B. Lewis
8090Larry JacksonJ.B. Lewis  
81859Evan Dummit 876Paul Gilbert
8294Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
83452Evan Dummit 458Paul Gilbert
84119jeanne 120Tom Rowe
85523Evan Dummit 530J.B. Lewis
86160Evan Dummitjeanne  
87539jeanne 541Evan Dummit
88256Evan DummitJ.B. Lewis  
89164andrew bTom Rowe  
90453 Paul Gilbert457Tom Rowe
91605Evan Dummit 642J.B. Lewis
92  408Evan Dummit
93670Mike Landrew b  
94704Mike Ljeanne708andrew b
95405Paul Gilbert 413J.B. Lewis
96855jeanneTom Rowe  
97706 Paul Gilbert718J.B. Lewis
98600 Nikola Tesla605Tom Rowe
99645Mike Ljeanne  
100489Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
101960Larry Jackson 962J.B. Lewis
102399Mike LEvan Dummit  
10323Evan Dummitandrew b  
104956jeannePaul Gilbert  
105750Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
106497Tom RoweJ.B. Lewis  
107200 Nikola Tesla201Larry Jackson
108299 Nikola Tesla302J.B. Lewis
109660 Nikola Tesla669Paul Gilbert
110784jeanneJ.B. Lewis  
111413shmuel siegeljeanne  
112370Paul GilbertNikola Tesla  
113570 Nikola Tesla596Evan Dummit
114270J.B. LewisEvan Dummit  
115428J.B. LewisEvan Dummit  
116298J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
117921 Evan Dummit925J.B. Lewis
118508Mike L 513J.B. Lewis
119634J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
12028Mike LEvan Dummit  
12184Evan DummitJ.B. Lewis  
12210Evan Dummit 11Paul Gilbert
123259Paul GilbertJ.B. Lewis  
124423J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
125904Evan DummitPaul Gilbert905Evan Dummit
126580 Nikola Tesla591jeanne
127132J.B. LewisEvan Dummit  
12899Mike Ljeanne  
129461Evan DummitPaul Gilbert  
130556 Tom Rowe569jeanne
131290 Nikola Tesla295Larry Jackson
132480 Nikola Tesla488Tom Rowe
135520 Nikola Tesla524Evan Dummit
136265 Nikola Tesla267Evan Dummit
137626J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
138400 Nikola Tesla406Paul Gilbert
139368Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
140660 Nikola Tesla665Paul Gilbert
141340Tom Rowe 349Paul Gilbert
142755Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
143734J.B. LewisNikola Tesla  
144281Larry JacksonEvan Dummit  
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