CCLP4-lynx.dat public tws

how to use the public tws:
  1. make sure that CCLP4-lynx.dat is in the "data" folder of tile world
  2. download public_CCLP4-lynx.dac and put it in the "sets" folder of tile world
  3. download public_CCLP4-lynx.dac.tws and put it in the "save" folder of tile world
  4. open tile world and select public_CCLP4-lynx.dac
  5. go to any of the levels listed below and press tab
add to the public tws
levelsolution timesubmitted by
1. Molecule163 (-.7)stubbscroll
7. In the Pool91 (-.8)stubbscroll
14. Poly-Gone330 (-.6)stubbscroll
19. Conservation of Keys186 (-.1)stubbscroll
23. Western Standards of Living349 (-.6)stubbscroll
26. Shrub250 (-.7)stubbscroll
34. Frozen Waffle158 (-.6)stubbscroll
40. Periodic Lasers130 (-.7)stubbscroll
44. Blobfield412 (-.9)stubbscroll
46. Exclusive Or250 (-.5)stubbscroll
61. Blue Tooth528 (-.8)stubbscroll
66. Anaconda264 (-.7)stubbscroll
71. Puuf175 (-.5)stubbscroll
98. Clay Tunnel457 (-.9)stubbscroll
124. Air Bubble109 (-.6)stubbscroll
145. Hacked Save File505 (-.6)stubbscroll