Hi, this is my first levelset that I feel is of sufficient quality to share with everyone else. The levels are all humanly solvable and hopefully a few will trip you up.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 89010
1Tom Rowe88500
2Paul Gilbert64170
3David Chen40000
5Nikola Tesla22730
6Mike L18400
7Finn Jepsen3140
8Peter Marks3080


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1737Tom Rowe 776Paul Gilbert
2211Tom Rowe 213Paul Gilbert
3164Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
4916Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
5149jeanneTom Rowe  
6388jeanne 393Tom Rowe
8783Tom Rowe 789Paul Gilbert
9275Mike L 277Paul Gilbert
10483David ChenTom Rowe  
11634Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
12207Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
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