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This set begins with some complicated, multi-sectioned levels and progresses to easier on the eyes, but still often devilishly difficult, compositions.

This set rewards cleverness more than a clear route. you may find you can bypass small sections of a methodical route if you look closely.

This guide will (mostly) use a largely sequential mode to prod you through the level gently.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 1294120
1andrew b1268440
2Paul Gilbert944790
3Nikola Tesla929980
4Ben Hornlitz339780
5Mike L253780
6J.B. Lewis86490
7James Anderson44230


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1822 Nikola Tesla844andrew b
2750andrew bNikola Tesla  
3401 Paul Gilbert404andrew b
4600 Nikola Tesla603andrew b
5516J.B. LewisMike L  
6601 Nikola Tesla617andrew b
7622 Nikola Tesla628andrew b
8712 Paul Gilbert720andrew b
9394andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
10601andrew b 777Nikola Tesla
11844 Nikola Tesla861andrew b
12656Nikola TeslaMike L  
13580andrew bNikola Tesla  
14715 Nikola Tesla725andrew b
15791 Paul Gilbert813andrew b
16807 Paul Gilbert811andrew b
17800 Nikola Tesla804andrew b
18425 Nikola Tesla430andrew b
19559 Nikola Tesla570andrew b
20904 Ben Hornlitz914andrew b
21715 Nikola Tesla722andrew b
22550 Nikola Tesla560andrew b
23433andrew bNikola Tesla  
24147andrew bNikola Tesla  
25112 Nikola Tesla114andrew b
26514andrew bNikola Tesla  
27514 Nikola Tesla532andrew b
28800 Nikola Tesla809andrew b
29  917Nikola Tesla
30770andrew b 773Paul Gilbert
31821 Nikola Tesla840andrew b
32468 Paul Gilbert485andrew b
33497 Paul Gilbert501andrew b
34439andrew bNikola Tesla  
35485 Nikola Tesla487andrew b
36695 Nikola Tesla698andrew b
37326 Paul Gilbert387andrew b
38  759andrew b
39783 Paul Gilbert785andrew b
40  780andrew b
41566J.B. Lewis 567Nikola Tesla
4281andrew bJames Anderson  
4392andrew bJames Anderson  
44800 Paul Gilbert821andrew b
45518andrew bNikola Tesla  
46  766andrew b
47  829andrew b
48529 Nikola Tesla539andrew b
49525 Paul Gilbert538andrew b
50834 Nikola Tesla840andrew b
52405 Nikola Tesla408andrew b
53407 Ben Hornlitz502andrew b
54640 Paul Gilbert650andrew b
55849 Nikola Tesla855andrew b
57494 Nikola Tesla516andrew b
58424andrew bNikola Tesla  
59779andrew b 786Nikola Tesla
61740 Nikola Tesla748andrew b
62630Mike L 679andrew b
63701 Nikola Tesla704andrew b
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