Walls of CCLP3.dat

This is Walls of CCLP3, a set Iíve built from March to November 2018 containing all 149 of CCLP3ís wall arrangements but with entirely new levels built within them.

For a much longer description, check out the CCZone download where youíll also find two other unofficial versions with different level orders. This is the main version, ordered by difficulty.

In the comments you will find lots and lots of designer comments Iíve documented throughout the setís construction. Be sure to check them out!

Hope you enjoy!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6038740
1Josh Lee6030420
2Jeffrey Bardon1197360


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1233KacperJeffrey Bardon  
2155Josh LeeIsaac  
4184KacperJeffrey Bardon  
5230Kacper 231Jeffrey Bardon
786Josh LeeIsaac  
9323KacperJeffrey Bardon324Jeffrey Bardon
10250Kacper 251Jeffrey Bardon
11268KacperJeffrey Bardon  
12260Isaac 263Jeffrey Bardon
13280Josh Lee 286Jeffrey Bardon
14191Josh Lee 219Jeffrey Bardon
15255IsaacJeffrey Bardon  
16393Josh Lee 418Jeffrey Bardon
17225Josh Lee 262Jeffrey Bardon
18159Josh Lee 175Jeffrey Bardon
19266 Jeffrey Bardon284Josh Lee
20280KacperJeffrey Bardon282Jeffrey Bardon
21196Isaac 197Kacper
22308 Jeffrey Bardon313Josh Lee
23352Josh Lee 388Jeffrey Bardon
2483 Jeffrey Bardon95Isaac
25252 Jeffrey Bardon265Isaac
26417 Jeffrey Bardon446Josh Lee
2773 Jeffrey Bardon102Josh Lee
2850KacperJeffrey Bardon  
29304 Jeffrey Bardon321Josh Lee
30305 Jeffrey Bardon346Josh Lee
31340 Jeffrey Bardon360Josh Lee
32242 Jeffrey Bardon246Josh Lee
34420Josh Lee 447Jeffrey Bardon
35209 Jeffrey Bardon260Josh Lee
36222 Jeffrey Bardon285Josh Lee
37189 Jeffrey Bardon257Josh Lee
39186KacperJosh Lee  
41325Josh Lee 369Jeffrey Bardon
42240 Jeffrey Bardon263Josh Lee
43313 Jeffrey Bardon380Josh Lee
44310 Jeffrey Bardon320Josh Lee
45308Josh Lee 342Jeffrey Bardon
46208Josh Lee 257Jeffrey Bardon
48261 Jeffrey Bardon334Josh Lee
49157 Jeffrey Bardon201Josh Lee
50329 Jeffrey Bardon375Josh Lee
51294 Jeffrey Bardon332Josh Lee
52226 Jeffrey Bardon253Josh Lee
53210 Jeffrey Bardon276Josh Lee
54277 Jeffrey Bardon362Josh Lee
55374Josh Lee 411Jeffrey Bardon
56248 Jeffrey Bardon298Josh Lee
58359 Jeffrey Bardon491Josh Lee
59191Josh LeeJeffrey Bardon  
60259Josh Lee 302Jeffrey Bardon
61323Josh Lee 345Jeffrey Bardon
62349 Jeffrey Bardon367Josh Lee
63455 Jeffrey Bardon458Josh Lee
64501Josh Lee 519Jeffrey Bardon
66   64Josh Lee
67   401Josh Lee
68   325Josh Lee
69   219Josh Lee
70   385Josh Lee
71   377Josh Lee
72   534Josh Lee
73   198Josh Lee
74   333Josh Lee
75   334Josh Lee
76   338Josh Lee
77   416Josh Lee
78   364Josh Lee
79   295Josh Lee
80   121Josh Lee
81212Josh Lee 351Isaac
82   213Josh Lee
83   283Josh Lee
85   468Josh Lee
86   329Josh Lee
87   338Josh Lee
88   37Josh Lee
89   478Josh Lee
90   331Josh Lee
91   399Josh Lee
92   236Josh Lee
93   390Josh Lee
95   558Josh Lee
96   389Josh Lee
97   400Josh Lee
98   194Josh Lee
99   479Josh Lee
100   452Josh Lee
101   263Josh Lee
10391Josh LeeIsaac  
104   246Josh Lee
105   451Josh Lee
106   479Josh Lee
107   249Josh Lee
108   499Josh Lee
109   405Josh Lee
110   243Josh Lee
111   377Josh Lee
112   505Josh Lee
113   430Josh Lee
114   460Josh Lee
115   398Josh Lee
116   529Josh Lee
117   369Josh Lee
118   679Josh Lee
120   458Josh Lee
121203Isaac 204Kacper
122   654Josh Lee
123   158Josh Lee
124   402Josh Lee
125   343Josh Lee
126   494Josh Lee
127   310Josh Lee
129   438Josh Lee
131   459Josh Lee
132   454Josh Lee
133   368Josh Lee
134   440Josh Lee
136   434Josh Lee
137   522Josh Lee
138   263Josh Lee
140   511Josh Lee
141   800Josh Lee
143   532Josh Lee
144   695Josh Lee
145   372Josh Lee
147   466Josh Lee
148   227Josh Lee
149   590Josh Lee
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