My most current set. Contains forty MS and Lynx compatible levels. Made from April 2011 to June 2012. Contains such classics like Lounge Act.

Please consider these levels for inclusion in voting for any future community produced level pack, provided that I do not release a set that supersedes this.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 551900
1Tom Rowe541420
3Ben Hornlitz510460
4Tyler Sontag364390
5J.B. Lewis249430
7Jeffrey Bardon58470
8Michael Warner46320
9Josh Lee11800
10Zane Kuecks3720


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1272Ben Hornlitz 274J.B. Lewis
2212Ben Hornlitz 220J.B. Lewis
3306 Tom Rowe326Ben Hornlitz
4181Tom Rowe 182J.B. Lewis
5247Ben Hornlitz 272J.B. Lewis
6319Ben Hornlitz 336J.B. Lewis
7363Tyler Sontag 379J.B. Lewis
8229Tom RoweJ.B. Lewis  
9347Tom Rowe 373J.B. Lewis
10417Ben Hornlitz 426J.B. Lewis
11248Ben HornlitzSyzygy257J.B. Lewis
12511Tom Rowe 569Tyler Sontag
13592Tom Rowe 604Jeffrey Bardon
14388Syzygy 401J.B. Lewis
15489Ben Hornlitz 499J.B. Lewis
16466Michael WarnerJ.B. Lewis  
17337Michael Warner 365J.B. Lewis
18361 Bowman513Tom Rowe
19361 Tom Rowe379Ben Hornlitz
20363Tom Rowe 365Tyler Sontag
21384Tyler Sontag 387J.B. Lewis
22417 Syzygy446J.B. Lewis
23184BowmanJ.B. Lewis  
24436Tom Rowe 513J.B. Lewis
25256Tom Rowe 284Tyler Sontag
2638Tyler Sontag 85J.B. Lewis
27319 Bowman338Tom Rowe
28222Ben Hornlitz 383Tom Rowe
29266Ben Hornlitz 306Tom Rowe
30215 Bowman253Tom Rowe
31337Ben Hornlitz 437Bowman
32579Michael WarnerJ.B. Lewis  
33179Ben Hornlitz 180Bowman
34322Ben Hornlitz 337Tom Rowe
35274Ben Hornlitz 287Tom Rowe
36429Ben Hornlitz 464Tom Rowe
37292Tom Rowe 315Tyler Sontag
38437J.B. Lewis 514Jeffrey Bardon
39122Tom Rowe 133J.B. Lewis
40328Tom Rowe 330Tyler Sontag
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