These are my more recent levels that i have made, generally better quality ones, and i try (now) when making levels to actually put in the time and effort in making it right :P
Note: five new levels have been added and there are no spare empty levels anymore, except for the end one.

I have requested that this levelpack be considered for CCLP3 voting

highest overall scores

perfect score: 317550
1Tom Rowe315500
2Peter Marks276400
3J.B. Lewis259670
4Paul Gilbert243220
5Mike L191810
6andrew b161350
7Larry Jackson137610
8Nikola Tesla103050


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1190Larry JacksonJ.B. Lewis  
2346andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
3587J.B. Lewisandrew b  
425J.B. LewisLarry Jackson  
5175jeanne 176J.B. Lewis
6613jeanne 630Tom Rowe
7270J.B. LewisMike L  
8250Tom RoweJ.B. Lewis  
9747J.B. LewisLarry Jackson  
1084andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
11307J.B. Lewisjeanne  
12154Mike LJ.B. Lewis  
1392Mike LJ.B. Lewis  
1411Mike LJ.B. Lewis  
15433 Paul Gilbert481Tom Rowe
16170 Larry Jackson171J.B. Lewis
17411Paul GilbertJ.B. Lewis  
1821Peter MarksTom Rowe  
1933andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
20197J.B. LewisMike L198Larry Jackson
2174J.B. Lewisandrew b  
22101Mike L 103J.B. Lewis
2381 andrew b84J.B. Lewis
2416Mike LJ.B. Lewis17Larry Jackson
2544J.B. LewisLarry Jackson  
26218Mike LJ.B. Lewis  
27536Paul Gilbert 572Tom Rowe
28104 Paul Gilbert114J.B. Lewis
2998 Paul Gilbert99J.B. Lewis
30188Nikola Tesla 203Tom Rowe
31240Tom Rowe 243J.B. Lewis
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