This level is made by Nikola Tesla. Please consider my level set for CCLP3 voting. I always wait for any comment and suggestion about my level or if you find an unsolvable level. All comments are welcome.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 2341950
1Tom Rowe2072020
2Nikola Tesla1854940
3Paul Gilbert872350
5J.B. Lewis163140
6Mike L73140
7Jacques =)33220
8Larry Jackson30880


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1778Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
2500 Nikola Tesla505Tom Rowe
3570 Nikola Tesla573Tom Rowe
4126 Paul Gilbert133Larry Jackson
5711 Nikola Tesla712Tom Rowe
6270Tom Rowe 352Paul Gilbert
7620 Nikola Tesla625Tom Rowe
8382 Paul Gilbert397J.B. Lewis
9240J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
10147Tom Rowe 194Paul Gilbert
11335Tom Rowe 406Paul Gilbert
1234J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
1312 Paul Gilbert15J.B. Lewis
14317 Paul Gilbert337J.B. Lewis
15432 Paul Gilbert489J.B. Lewis
16322 Nikola Tesla339Tom Rowe
17503Tom Rowe 548J.B. Lewis
187 Tom Rowe8J.B. Lewis
1910 Nikola Tesla20Tom Rowe
20737 Paul Gilbert814J.B. Lewis
21400 Nikola Tesla416Tom Rowe
2290 Nikola Tesla95Tom Rowe
2317Tom RoweNikola Tesla42Paul Gilbert
24183 Tom Rowe205J.B. Lewis
25595 Nikola Tesla672Tom Rowe
2619 Tom Rowe36J.B. Lewis
27325Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
28422 Paul Gilbert449Larry Jackson
2994 Tom Rowe98J.B. Lewis
30  210Nikola Tesla
31275 Nikola Tesla325Tom Rowe
32  105Nikola Tesla
33180 Nikola Tesla206Tom Rowe
3425 Nikola Tesla30Tom Rowe
35360 Nikola Tesla368Tom Rowe
36440 Nikola Tesla444Tom Rowe
37260 Nikola Tesla269Tom Rowe
382Nikola TeslaLeonardo  
39  165Nikola Tesla
40267 Paul Gilbert268Tom Rowe
4190 Nikola Tesla92Tom Rowe
42192 Paul Gilbert199Tom Rowe
43220 Paul Gilbert227Tom Rowe
44167Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
45309Tom Rowe 325Paul Gilbert
46543J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
47430 Leonardo434Tom Rowe
48147 Nikola Tesla200Tom Rowe
496Leonardo 42Paul Gilbert
50680 Leonardo687Tom Rowe
51140 Nikola Tesla142Tom Rowe
52132Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
53  475Nikola Tesla
54475 Nikola Tesla483Tom Rowe
55168 Paul Gilbert203Tom Rowe
5681Tom RoweLeonardo  
57276Tom Rowe 284Nikola Tesla
58135Tom Rowe 243Paul Gilbert
59  219Tom Rowe
60573 Nikola Tesla671Tom Rowe
61554Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
62371Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
63300 Nikola Tesla317Tom Rowe
64100 Nikola Tesla104Tom Rowe
6574 Nikola Tesla77Tom Rowe
66135Nikola TeslaLeonardo  
6732 Nikola Tesla40Tom Rowe
68576LeonardoNikola Tesla  
6930Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
70451Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
71370 Leonardo371Tom Rowe
72515 Nikola Tesla524Tom Rowe
73375 Paul Gilbert383Tom Rowe
74941Tom RoweNikola Tesla  
75730 Leonardo804Tom Rowe
76685 Leonardo796Tom Rowe
7782Leonardo 234Tom Rowe
78587Tom RoweLeonardo634Tom Rowe
793Leonardo 24Tom Rowe
80  600Nikola Tesla
8147Leonardo 126Tom Rowe
82229Leonardo 336Tom Rowe
83512 Nikola Tesla526Tom Rowe
84233Leonardo 528Tom Rowe
85  422Tom Rowe
86306Nikola Tesla 543Tom Rowe
8711Tom RoweNikola Tesla12Tom Rowe
88547 Paul Gilbert561Tom Rowe
8921Mike LNikola Tesla  
90227Nikola Tesla 306Tom Rowe
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