This is my 7th levelset in the JoshL series! Contains 70 brand new levels of moderate difficulty with a few random small spikes. All levels were made from February 2017-2018. Compatible in both MS and Lynx!

Unlike JoshL6 before it, there are no real themes with this set. It's just full of various levels that focus on different elements and/or genres of gameplay I tended to avoid with my previous two sets.

Comments for each level are also available, check them out if you're interested!

Have fun & enjoy!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 1468970
1Josh Lee1466570
2Finn Jepsen1417330
4J.B. Lewis168550
5Jeffrey Bardon87560


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
182Josh LeeJ.B. Lewis  
2263J.B. LewisBacorn  
3217J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
4195J.B. LewisBacorn  
580J.B. LewisBacorn  
6195 Bacorn197J.B. Lewis
7237 Bacorn245J.B. Lewis
8207J.B. LewisBacorn  
9318J.B. LewisBacorn  
10411 Bacorn412J.B. Lewis
11135Josh LeeJ.B. Lewis  
12158J.B. LewisBacorn  
13321J.B. LewisBacorn  
14293Josh Lee 314J.B. Lewis
15322Josh Lee 339J.B. Lewis
16293 Jeffrey Bardon294J.B. Lewis
17273 Finn Jepsen279J.B. Lewis
18454Josh Lee 473J.B. Lewis
19358Josh Lee 378J.B. Lewis
20388Josh Lee 398J.B. Lewis
22248 Finn Jepsen340Josh Lee
23342 Finn Jepsen442Josh Lee
24373 Josh Lee377Finn Jepsen
25273 Finn Jepsen284Josh Lee
26231 Finn Jepsen424Josh Lee
27155 chipster1059248Josh Lee
28286 Finn Jepsen363Josh Lee
29342 chipster1059372Josh Lee
30301 Finn Jepsen379Josh Lee
31169Josh LeeFinn Jepsen  
32390 Finn Jepsen456Josh Lee
33240Josh Lee 257Finn Jepsen
34294 Finn Jepsen435Josh Lee
35197 chipster1059313Josh Lee
36297Josh Lee 299Finn Jepsen
37438Finn Jepsen 444Josh Lee
38162 Finn Jepsen213Josh Lee
39156 chipster1059410Josh Lee
41272 Finn Jepsen353Josh Lee
42231 chipster1059447Josh Lee
43234 Finn Jepsen282Josh Lee
44444 chipster1059519Josh Lee
4595 Finn Jepsen211Josh Lee
4648 chipster1059176Josh Lee
47393 chipster1059456Josh Lee
48256 Finn Jepsen357Josh Lee
4964Josh LeeJeffrey Bardon  
50194 chipster1059251Josh Lee
51344 chipster1059421Josh Lee
53358 Finn Jepsen416Josh Lee
5472 Finn Jepsen81Josh Lee
55460 Finn Jepsen467Josh Lee
56395 Finn Jepsen422Josh Lee
57291 chipster1059324Josh Lee
58330 chipster1059489Josh Lee
59464 Finn Jepsen503Josh Lee
60332 chipster1059425Josh Lee
61532 Finn Jepsen588Josh Lee
63433 Finn Jepsen548Josh Lee
64169 chipster1059203Josh Lee
65310 Finn Jepsen324Josh Lee
66588Josh Lee 592Jeffrey Bardon
67375 chipster1059523Josh Lee
68609 Finn Jepsen645Josh Lee
69707 Finn Jepsen774Josh Lee
70246Finn Jepsen 256Josh Lee
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