The extended and now official version of JoshL6. Contains 149 levels of moderate to hard difficulty, all Lynx-compatiable. These levels were created mostly in 2015 and throughout various months of 2016.

A recurring theme in this set is monsters placed on top of unusual tiles. You'll be seeing quite a few levels with this design trope.

Another thing I did was use walls from other existing levels and make new levels out of them! Check the comments for more info on that and other things!

Have fun & enjoy!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6111530
1Josh Lee6078320
2J.B. Lewis4673670
3Tom Rowe3279500
4Jeffrey Bardon63370
5Tyler Sontag26730


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1219J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
2247 Josh Lee250J.B. Lewis
374 Josh Lee87J.B. Lewis
4168 Tom Rowe173J.B. Lewis
590J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
6129J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
764 Josh Lee67J.B. Lewis
8147 Tom Rowe148J.B. Lewis
9306 Josh Lee313J.B. Lewis
10191 Josh Lee212J.B. Lewis
11204 Josh Lee229J.B. Lewis
12149 Tom Rowe197Josh Lee
13416 Josh Lee444J.B. Lewis
14297 Josh Lee316J.B. Lewis
15222 Josh Lee223J.B. Lewis
16167 Tom Rowe340Josh Lee
17336 Josh Lee337J.B. Lewis
18144J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
19210 Josh Lee236J.B. Lewis
20140J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
21361 Josh Lee420J.B. Lewis
22390 Josh Lee417J.B. Lewis
23207Josh Lee 222J.B. Lewis
24408 Josh Lee423J.B. Lewis
25193 Josh Lee233J.B. Lewis
26403 Josh Lee437J.B. Lewis
27240 Josh Lee257J.B. Lewis
28284 Josh Lee289J.B. Lewis
29311 Josh Lee333J.B. Lewis
30268 Josh Lee290J.B. Lewis
31410J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
32127 Tom Rowe375Josh Lee
33287 Josh Lee305J.B. Lewis
34455 Josh Lee500J.B. Lewis
35363 Tom Rowe385J.B. Lewis
36149 Tom Rowe179Josh Lee
37223 Josh Lee257J.B. Lewis
38246 Josh Lee250J.B. Lewis
39215 Tom Rowe222Josh Lee
40303 Josh Lee330J.B. Lewis
41218 Josh Lee234J.B. Lewis
42283 Josh Lee284J.B. Lewis
43291 Tom Rowe298J.B. Lewis
44277 Josh Lee293J.B. Lewis
45253Josh Lee 268J.B. Lewis
46127 Tom Rowe223Josh Lee
47239 Josh Lee265J.B. Lewis
48273Josh LeeJ.B. Lewis  
49237 Josh Lee243J.B. Lewis
50348 Josh Lee349J.B. Lewis
51108Josh Lee 129J.B. Lewis
52253Josh Lee 263J.B. Lewis
53325 Josh Lee337J.B. Lewis
54310 Josh Lee334J.B. Lewis
5592 Josh Lee93J.B. Lewis
56395 Josh Lee403J.B. Lewis
57203 Tom Rowe205Josh Lee
58370 Josh Lee388J.B. Lewis
59431 Josh Lee493J.B. Lewis
60306Josh Lee 339J.B. Lewis
61331Josh Lee 348Tom Rowe
62395 Josh Lee423J.B. Lewis
63201 Josh Lee208J.B. Lewis
64156Josh Lee 175J.B. Lewis
65342 Josh Lee351J.B. Lewis
66270Josh Lee 277J.B. Lewis
67355 Josh Lee363J.B. Lewis
68303Josh Lee 308Tom Rowe
69348 Josh Lee361J.B. Lewis
70459 Josh Lee520J.B. Lewis
71180J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
72210 Josh Lee228J.B. Lewis
73282Josh Lee 290J.B. Lewis
74434 Josh Lee445J.B. Lewis
75259 Josh Lee292J.B. Lewis
76578 Josh Lee643J.B. Lewis
77300Josh Lee 316Tom Rowe
78160 Tom Rowe268Josh Lee
79239 Josh Lee243J.B. Lewis
80327 Josh Lee342J.B. Lewis
81270 Josh Lee285J.B. Lewis
8270 Tom Rowe79Josh Lee
83400 Josh Lee449J.B. Lewis
84462 Josh Lee501J.B. Lewis
85319Josh Lee 357J.B. Lewis
86289 Tom Rowe304Josh Lee
87420 Josh Lee430J.B. Lewis
88413 Josh Lee441J.B. Lewis
89119 Josh Lee120J.B. Lewis
90471 Josh Lee500J.B. Lewis
91112J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
92600 Josh Lee614J.B. Lewis
93274 Josh Lee359J.B. Lewis
94209 Tom Rowe225J.B. Lewis
95373 Josh Lee474J.B. Lewis
96433 Josh Lee456J.B. Lewis
97  410Josh Lee
98136 Josh Lee172J.B. Lewis
99241 Tom Rowe259J.B. Lewis
100572 Josh Lee581J.B. Lewis
101343Josh Lee 423J.B. Lewis
102288 Josh Lee340J.B. Lewis
103  345Josh Lee
104521J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
105327 Tom Rowe408Josh Lee
106424 Josh Lee570J.B. Lewis
107  214Josh Lee
108210 Tom Rowe251J.B. Lewis
109483Josh Lee 513J.B. Lewis
110317 Josh Lee455J.B. Lewis
111306 Tom Rowe406Josh Lee
112179 Josh Lee197J.B. Lewis
113533 Josh Lee548J.B. Lewis
114231Josh Lee 269J.B. Lewis
115378 Josh Lee415J.B. Lewis
11689J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
117465 Josh Lee470J.B. Lewis
118356 Josh Lee385J.B. Lewis
119  400Josh Lee
120407 Josh Lee527J.B. Lewis
12114Josh Lee 18Jeffrey Bardon
122384 Josh Lee398J.B. Lewis
123  316Josh Lee
124343 Josh Lee513J.B. Lewis
125518 Josh Lee551J.B. Lewis
126185 Josh Lee201J.B. Lewis
127239 Tom Rowe243Josh Lee
128520 Josh Lee524J.B. Lewis
129299 Josh Lee377J.B. Lewis
130354Josh Lee 423J.B. Lewis
131  729Josh Lee
132  477Josh Lee
133  497Josh Lee
134597 Josh Lee633J.B. Lewis
13555J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
136867 Josh Lee889J.B. Lewis
137546 Josh Lee582J.B. Lewis
138373 Josh Lee400J.B. Lewis
139829 Josh Lee853J.B. Lewis
140548 Josh Lee618J.B. Lewis
141  529Josh Lee
142  425Josh Lee
143770 Josh Lee823J.B. Lewis
144659 Josh Lee712J.B. Lewis
145496 Josh Lee506J.B. Lewis
146722 Josh Lee741J.B. Lewis
147  781Josh Lee
148  374Josh Lee
149182 Josh Lee218J.B. Lewis
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