NOTE: I (John Lewis) did not create this level set - it was created by Joshua Bone. I just uploaded it here so it could have a scoreboard. Enjoy playing!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 431780
1J.B. Lewis431770
2Mike L403820
3Paul Gilbert382200
5Tyler Sontag193370
6Peter Marks111390
7Finn Jepsen20370


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
192 Mike L93J.B. Lewis
2111J.B. LewisMike L  
3114J.B. LewisPeter Marks  
4158J.B. Lewis 159Peter Marks
5224 Mike L226J.B. Lewis
6119J.B. LewisMike L  
7213 Paul Gilbert237J.B. Lewis
8207J.B. LewisMike L  
9318 Paul Gilbert328J.B. Lewis
10121J.B. LewisFinn Jepsen  
11133J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
12174 Paul Gilbert175J.B. Lewis
13134J.B. LewisMike L  
14297J.B. LewisMike L  
15250 Mike L272J.B. Lewis
16102Mike L 193J.B. Lewis
17228 Paul Gilbert269J.B. Lewis
18209 Mike L211J.B. Lewis
1973 Paul Gilbert79J.B. Lewis
20160J.B. LewisMike L  
21130 Mike L138J.B. Lewis
23147 Paul Gilbert148J.B. Lewis
24238 Mike L284J.B. Lewis
25116 Mike L121J.B. Lewis
26243J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
27326 Paul Gilbert342J.B. Lewis
28217 Paul Gilbert221J.B. Lewis
29396 Paul Gilbert399J.B. Lewis
30196 Syzygy208J.B. Lewis
31512 Paul Gilbert513J.B. Lewis
32225 Paul Gilbert226J.B. Lewis
33244J.B. LewisPeter Marks  
34386 Paul Gilbert390J.B. Lewis
35306 Mike L319J.B. Lewis
36238Mike L 247J.B. Lewis
37  347J.B. Lewis
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