Better than JacquesS1.

Thanks to Jeanne, Paul Gilbert and Tom Rowe for playtesting!

85, 137, 139 and 141 should be fixed now, if not, please tell me. 6½ new levels have been made (140 144-148) and 143 is half finished (though the design is going to be more refined.


Welcome to a large variety of levels... some for everyone! There's mostly action levels (which have a bit of a puzzle element in them that make you think), puzzle levels, the odd chase level which I love, and a few collect-lots-of-chips levels. (But nowhere near on the level of some Jacques.dat levels, like 78 and 79!) Some levels might be a bit hectic, which is what I like, and some levels have _serious_ random elements (3 and 124) because since I don't care about great scores, it provides me with a slightly different level every time I play. Highscorers, skip those levels if you want.

However, don't expect too many block pushing levels to plain tedium, like PAIN, ON THE ROCKS, WRITER'S BLOCK or CITYBLOCK from CC1. Those are my least favorite type of levels (though some like them, and they're pretty easy to make, haha.)
A few levels from JacquesS1 might make an appearance early on in the set; I can explain. Levels that used to be impossible in JacquesS1 were ammended to make them possible ready for JacquesS2, but since JacquesS1 is a 'Jacques Scrapbook' set, I decided to make a quick fix and copy the ammended JacquesS2 level into the JacquesS1 slot. I might remake some JacquesS1 levels as well, but this won't be common.


147½/255 - 1½ levels till the big 149!

I might stop there, but I'm pretty sure I'll continue. JacquesS3 and future levelsets will definitely have 149 levels.



16/01/2012: 144, 145, 146, 147 and 148 added.
14/01/2012: 85, 137, 139 and 141 should be fixed now, if not, please tell me. 2½ new levels have been made (140 and 145) and 143 is half finished (though the design is going to be more refined. 144 has a new concept, 146 is a placeholder for a secret revealed in a previous level.
04/09/2011: 138 and 142 finished.
18/06/2011: 134 and 139 finished.
16/08/2010: 135 wasn't completeable, now it is. 136 has been added because of that!
15/08/2010: Two new levels (135 and 141), 134 started, 138 concept in progress. Tweaked difficulty on level 76, 95 and 133. (Too hard is NEVER fun.)
Checked possibility on level 99 and 121. should be possible now!
Added chip to level 85 (forgot to remove the testing chip! :o )
11/08/2010: Silly me... I forgot to remove the testing Chip from 115 and 117... should be fixed now.
09/08/2010: Added 7 new levels, modified some levels to make them look nicer, and made a few levels possible.
Before: Everything in between
15/06/2009: First upload: 1-22 done


Stuff in Progress:
Finish level 143.


Once JacquesS1 and JacquesS2 are finish and all the levels are possible, I will start JacquesS3 and JacquesS4 at the same time. Each will have 149 levels; JacquesS3 will be Lynx-compatible, but JacquesS4 won't. I'll probably finish JacquesS4 first then...
Thank you for playing my set! For people that only want to download JacquesS2 once it's done and dusted... it'll be ready in a few years. ;-P

PLEASE CONSIDER MY LEVELS FOR CCLP1 AND CCLP4! Except level 5. Don't vote for level 5.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 5065500
1Tom Rowe4742740
2Paul Gilbert4229540
3Jacques =)1443280
4Finn Jepsen711170
5James Anderson69900
6Koba Michael60100
7Mike L50030
9Nikola Tesla33460
10Ben Hornlitz33460
12Josh Lee2000


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1161James Andersonjeanne  
2226James Andersonjeanne  
3267James Anderson 270Finn Jepsen
4970James Andersonjeanne  
5448 Ben Hornlitz463Paul Gilbert
6116James Andersonjeanne  
7395 Paul Gilbert397jeanne
8188Mike Ljeanne193jeanne
9128Mike L 129Paul Gilbert
1083 Finn Jepsen84James Anderson
11  229Paul Gilbert
12213jeanneTom Rowe  
13291Jacques =) 355Paul Gilbert
1430James AndersonPaul Gilbert  
15173Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen174Tom Rowe
16226 Paul Gilbert234Tom Rowe
17344Paul Gilbert 368Tom Rowe
18382Paul Gilbert 417Tom Rowe
19159Tom Rowe 202Paul Gilbert
20430James AndersonPaul Gilbert  
21358Paul Gilbert 365Tom Rowe
22530Leonardo 540Tom Rowe
23196Tom Rowe 197Paul Gilbert
24182 Paul Gilbert199Tom Rowe
25298 Tom Rowe394Paul Gilbert
26153Paul Gilbert 155Tom Rowe
27225 Tom Rowe227Paul Gilbert
28372Paul Gilbert 378Tom Rowe
29273Tom Rowe 294Paul Gilbert
30  97Tom Rowe
31283 Tom Rowe350Paul Gilbert
32137Tom Rowe 144Finn Jepsen
33255 Paul Gilbert258Tom Rowe
346James AndersonPaul Gilbert  
3580Jacques =) 89Tom Rowe
36439Paul Gilbert 454Tom Rowe
37124Tom Rowe 147Paul Gilbert
38145Tom Rowe 152Paul Gilbert
39121Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
40238Jacques =) 414Paul Gilbert
41341Jacques =) 484Tom Rowe
42  1633Paul Gilbert
43131Paul Gilbert 134Tom Rowe
44202Paul Gilbert 203Tom Rowe
45128Paul Gilbert 133Tom Rowe
4689Jacques =) 192Paul Gilbert
47128Paul Gilbert 129Tom Rowe
48376Paul Gilbert 384Tom Rowe
49  445Paul Gilbert
50270Tom Rowe 277Paul Gilbert
51116 Tom Rowe155Paul Gilbert
52378Tom Rowe 386Paul Gilbert
5361 Tom Rowe79Paul Gilbert
54414Paul Gilbert 438Tom Rowe
55110Tom Rowe 140Paul Gilbert
56164Tom Rowe 167Paul Gilbert
57431Paul Gilbert 487Tom Rowe
58832Tom Rowe 843Paul Gilbert
59209Tom Rowe 212Paul Gilbert
60219Tom Rowe 246Paul Gilbert
61171Paul Gilbert 199Tom Rowe
62138Tom Rowe 144Paul Gilbert
63179 Tom Rowe196Nikola Tesla
6462 Paul Gilbert63Tom Rowe
65392Paul Gilbert 395Tom Rowe
66231Jacques =) 372Tom Rowe
679 Paul Gilbert10Tom Rowe
68426Paul Gilbert 428Tom Rowe
69185Jacques =) 205Tom Rowe
70148Tom Rowe 153Paul Gilbert
71184Paul Gilbert 203Tom Rowe
72416Paul Gilbert 418Tom Rowe
738Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen  
74170Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
75449Tom Rowe 461Paul Gilbert
76130Jacques =) 143Tom Rowe
77175Paul Gilbert 253Tom Rowe
7829Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
79254Paul Gilbert 262Tom Rowe
80179Paul Gilbert 193Tom Rowe
81249Paul Gilbert 253Tom Rowe
82  148Paul Gilbert
83410Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
84144Tom Rowe 148Paul Gilbert
86295 Paul Gilbert301Tom Rowe
87509Jacques =) 516Tom Rowe
88222Paul Gilbert 322Tom Rowe
8947Paul Gilbert 48Tom Rowe
90710 Paul Gilbert750Tom Rowe
91178Jacques =) 199Tom Rowe
921084Tom Rowe 1095Finn Jepsen
93336 Tom Rowe366Paul Gilbert
94769 Tom Rowe774Paul Gilbert
95930Jacques =) 946Tom Rowe
96136 Tom Rowe155Paul Gilbert
97  253Tom Rowe
98  453Tom Rowe
99  630Tom Rowe
100842 Tom Rowe865Paul Gilbert
101  184Tom Rowe
102912 Tom Rowe931Paul Gilbert
103  217Tom Rowe
104225Tom Rowe 251Paul Gilbert
105673Paul Gilbert 681Tom Rowe
106195Paul Gilbert 201Finn Jepsen
107264 Paul Gilbert281Tom Rowe
1081818Paul Gilbert 1856Tom Rowe
109197 Paul Gilbert205Tom Rowe
110282Paul Gilbert 371Tom Rowe
111232Paul Gilbert 351Tom Rowe
112425 Paul Gilbert427Tom Rowe
113662Paul Gilbert 665Tom Rowe
114461Tom Rowe 464Finn Jepsen
115258Paul Gilbert 261Tom Rowe
116623Paul Gilbert 644Tom Rowe
117419Paul Gilbert 424Tom Rowe
118122Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
119248Paul Gilbert 251Tom Rowe
120149 Tom Rowe157Paul Gilbert
122331Tom Rowe 428Paul Gilbert
123302Paul Gilbert 304Tom Rowe
12462Jacques =) 102Tom Rowe
125161Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen  
126207Paul Gilbert 213Tom Rowe
127201Tom Rowe 206Finn Jepsen
128256Paul Gilbert 264Tom Rowe
129  926Tom Rowe
130332Paul Gilbert 339Tom Rowe
131200Paul Gilbert 206Tom Rowe
132  405Tom Rowe
133344Tom Rowe 366Paul Gilbert
134  82Paul Gilbert
135145 Paul Gilbert151Tom Rowe
136143 Paul Gilbert195Tom Rowe
138  112Paul Gilbert
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