level 1: Ghosting

Monster order shenanigans result in toggles walls having opposite properties for monsters. This would have a lot of potential, but I settled for a simple "one encounter per monster type" deal.

level 2: Seeing Double

Every tile is the same on the top and bottom layer except the buried blocks, just because.

level 3: Buried Ice

I like this sort of level.

level 4: Ninja Warrior

This started when I realized you could do the boosting sequence seen at the start and survive it, and then I turned it into a level meant to be excruciatingly difficult, if not outright cheap at every step of the way. I have solved this level, with a time of 6 seconds remaining.

level 5: Slap Chop

Block slaps are fun, so I put a couple slap-exclusive devices that I'd been thinking about in the same level.

level 6: Autoscroll

Deterministic Lynx RFFs.

level 7: The Banned Band

Originally made for Ultimate Chip 3, but didn't quite work in Lynx for some reason.

level 8: Button Mashing 301

Unofficial sequel to Tyler's Button Mashing 101.

level 9: Walker and Fire

You don't want to know how I thought of this, and you probably don't want to play it either.

level 10: I. C. Ewe

Rams & Nails.

level 11: Invalid and Unlucky Diamonds

I just started burying random tiles and ended up with this.

level 12: Fish in a Barrel (old version) bust

This is an edit of a level from Ultimate Chip 4 that I discovered a very convoluted bust in that just barely works. I patched the bust in UC4, but decided that it was entertaining enough to place here, hopefully for others to discover.

level 13: Toggle Boost

I realized that with boosting, Chip could push 2 toggle buttons in the same move, locking another monster in place. Just a small level based around this.

level 14: A Lynx Concept

I wanted to make a maze with moving tank walls, but monster order screwed it over in MS. It worked in Lynx, but then I never made the maze, so here's the concept.

level 15: The Power of Slide Delay Compels You!

MS winner of the CCZone March 2015 Create Competition, where the level had to work in only one ruleset. After making the central mechanism, I just went crazy with MS only quirks in each small area.

level 16: Delayed Post

Overcomplicated Lynx only level, also entered above. Blame Lounge Act.

level 17: You'll Be Right Back

Dumb level.

level 18: Dumb MS Blockslidy Stuff

Various blockslides you can only do in MS turned into a level.

level 19: Stuck in a Frozen Well

Ice block entries for the October 2014 Create. This was the simple one...

level 20: Various Hues of Blue

...and this was the last one I create, based on what I'd learned from the other ice block levels. This was the winner of the competition as well, and easily the best level from my submissions. I love this level and even ported it to CC2 <3

level 21: Frozen Fortress

Oh and then this was the fist ice block level I made. A bit rigid, guessworky and tedious in places, but still not bad. I liked the idea of using teeth to make a moving nail, though.

level 22: Weirdness.

So I thought that teeth on ice corners at the start of the level would be stuck on the ice corner until Chip moved past it, but instead found that they could walk through! I'll probably make a level around this using toggle walls later.

level 23: Dumb Bug Puzzle

This was the original section of a currently unreleased level, but it didn't work in Lynx and honestly, that made the level better as I came up with a more fun room in its place.

level 24: Aquatic Ruins Busted Version

The 'official' version of this level has but 2 changes: the chip counter, and the removal of 2 force floors. The bust was interesting enough to warrant highlighting, though. Have fun finding it!
This was the original version of the level, as well.

level 25: Technically solvable in both but dumb timing for different reasons

See title. If you aren't careful the end is a 50/50 in MS and it's taptaptaptap in Lynx.

level 26: Chip is now Melinda.

Interesting Lynx quirk I just discovered.

level 27: Another Ramming Level

Saw an old version of Avalanche noticed a thing was possible made a level.

level 28: Another Ramming Level Alternate

Replace all the walls with fire and see if you can ram across here, too...

level 29: Lynx RFF concept

Neat little idea based around the deterministic RFF behavior in Lynx.

level 30: More Slide Delay Fun!

Just another use for slide delay, nothing to see here.

level 31: Toggle Hell


level 32: Treading Water Again

I was looking through old sets, saw WesP2 had some neat invalid tile puzzles. Treading Water in particular seemed quite tricky, until I realized there was an easy solution. This level requires what I thought the original solution was!

level 33: The Impossible Partial Post

When I realized this was possible, I had the following reaction.


level 34: Lynx Tank Puzzle

This was an attempt to make a level. It didn't work out too well as a level, but the puzzle was pretty neat to solve in Lynx, requiring some careful mechanics knowledge and forethought.

level 35: MS Tank Puzzle

And at first glance, the level seemed impossible to solve in MS, but I found a solution!

level 36: This One Weird Trick Almost Busted Investment.

See title.
Add clickbait.

I thought the trick was neat enough to be worth including here- it doesn't work in the actual level due to requiring a block in a place no block can reach. No mouse is required here.

level 37: The Improbable Avalanche

Andrew Menzies found a strange Lynx behavior involving teleports and entities, not just blocks. I'm pretty sure this level requires the trick to complete- it's really bizarre!

level 38: This Level Has a Nice Ring To It

This is silly.

level 39: LOL why

LOL why not

level 40: Enough? (Lynx edition)

An idea I wanted to use for a level in both rulesets, but just doesn't work.

level 41: Enough? (MS edition)

So, I used the idea here after showing how it didn't work.

level 42: This One Weird Trick Almost Busted Investment. (fixed)

...I missed the obvious solution, so have one that hopefully requires the thing I found.

level 43: Failure to Lunch

Working title: Yes, this is Solvable.

level 44: Tugboat

Fun with slide delay and MS behaviors, again.

level 45: Fiendishly Unfriendly CC Kaizo

Jessi commissioned me to make a kaizo CC level blame her not me

Even though all the ideas were mine. And the execution was mine. I really hope this isn't busted.

level 46: 13 Seconds

As far as I know, this requires the optimal Iceberg softlock in both rulesets. Have fun trying to crack this, I know I did!

level 47: Bounce Delay

Lynx can be a little weird with this stuff. The first room is kind of filler for the second room puzzle.

level 48: Racing Ahead

I don't remember what the purpose of this level was oops.