level 1: SEXY FROGS

Once you find the first two keys, you'll be off and ready to start the hunt for the first 30 chips. Please make sure that you collect all 30 chips first, before you push the block onto the "trigger" trap button that starts the monster killing most of the bombs. If Chips does not collect all 30 chips first, the level may not work properly! I have worked hard to block all possiblites of pressing trap buttons before the proper time. Pressing the blue tank button at any time is OK. Chips can pass over the trap button in the SE corner to get the 3 chips near the tank.


With this version, there is an attempt at making Chips travel further to get the Fireshoe so that there is enough time elapes before getting the 3 keys at the top of the level. Note the comment in level 3 below.


This version is an earlier version than level 2 with it's main problem being that Chips could push a block up onto the green toggle button next to the 3 keys at the top before the FireBalls have completed killing all the bombs in the NE area...thus messing up the sequence.