level 1: Tooth In A Glass

rejected for being like time lapse. what's with the 29403 time limit... lol

level 2: Stalker

just plain dull level, not exciting at all!

level 3: Quick Little Morton

adapted, and pretty basic too.

level 4: Walk

it was too hard.

level 5: All Your Chips Are Belong To Us

actually, not sure why i got rid of this one... but it does deserve it...

level 6: Walk II

still couldn't figure how to make this alright. too hard still.

level 7: Breather

nah... too basic and really boring.

level 8: Work Fast

it was too cluttered, the walkers were annoying and all that.

level 9: Follow the Stupid Leader

it was impossible at first... so i got rid of it in JacquesS2 and fixed it in the rejects set.

level 10: Chippie

too tedious if anything.

level 11: A Bit Teethy

just like an OLD.dat level. bleurgh!

level 12: Spiral Of Release

impossible at first, fixed it, and not very fun anyway.

level 13: Green Kittens Aren't Aliens

cute little level... bit too hard though.

level 14: Key Maze

AAAAAAARGH who would want to play this level? so long, and confusing, and boring also. if you want to play something like this, it's here anyway, so, enjoy!

level 15: Gotta Go The Tooth Way

adapted from level 64 from CCLP1, and no one wants to play one of them anyway.