level 1: H-BOMBS

Quite easily the smallest and most trivial level in the entire set, but I like it. Quite trivially Lynx-compatible.


It looks like you can get a time of 499, but. . .

This level is not solvable under Lynx rules, because. . . I'm scared to say, because I don't want to spoil the solution. XD


The ice at 31,6 and 31,7 was originally added to make the level Lynx-compatible; however, I'm scared that I somehow broke the puzzle in doing so. D=

level 4: DODGE BALL

This level plays slightly differently under Lynx rules, but I'm happy to say it is solvable in both Lynx and MS! =D

level 5: TANK AND FILE

This level is unsolvable in Lynx; you cannot get the first chip and escape quickly enough.

level 6: PORTAL

This is more of a joke level, really. (At least I hope it's a good joke. =P)

This level isn't even playable under Lynx, much less beatable.

level 7: RELEASE ME

This level is solvable in Lynx, albeit a little bit ruined and easy. D=


I think this is the prettiest and most beautiful level I've ever made. Sadly, it's not Lynx-compatible, because gliders treat fire as a wall, resulting in overcrowding the play field, instead of entering it and neatly dying like they do under MS rules. D=

level 9: QUADS

The ability to push blocks containing fire without actually moving onto the fire enables a huge unintended shortcut when this level is played under Lynx rules. This shortcut ruins the beauty of the level, I think. Play under MS. =D

level 10: BLOCK HEAD

Another of those annoying block-themed levels that nobody likes and I make a lot of. =P I think I managed to do some creative things here, though. =D

Solvable under Lynx, although again, I feel like the ability to push blocks without collecting what is underneath them veeeeeerrrrrry slightly destroys the puzzle. D=