level 1: Frog Pond Havoc

This level was designed to play something like the higher platforms of the classic Atari vector game Major Havoc. The frog cloning idea and part of the layout is taken from level 26 of the original Chip's Challenge. NOTE: Level 1 is now Lynx compatible.

level 2: Midnight Mystery at the Haunted Mansion

First make your way through the cemetery, and then cross the frozen river to reach the castle. Collect the keys, outwit the ghosts, beat the clock and climb up the chimney without getting burned! Two of the sections were inspired by Gavin's level Bit Harder.

level 3: Temple Raiders

My third level is a "prequel" to level 2. The design here is like that of level 2 but requires additional moves not needed in the earlier level. The hint shows that it is themed after a popular series of cliffhanger movies. Can you find the correct route to escape?

level 4: Congratulations!

This is an unsolvable level to complete the set.