this set uses the lynx ruleset.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 476270
1Dave Varberg470400
2Paul Gilbert464180


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1142Dave VarbergPaul Gilbert  
258Paul Gilbert 59Syzygy
35Paul GilbertSyzygy  
416Paul GilbertSyzygy  
5281Paul Gilbert 282Syzygy
639Paul Gilbert 42Syzygy
7262Paul GilbertSyzygy  
8200Paul GilbertSyzygy  
963 Syzygy65Paul Gilbert
1040 Syzygy42Paul Gilbert
1162Paul GilbertSyzygy  
1256 Syzygy59Paul Gilbert
1398 Syzygy99Paul Gilbert
14108Paul GilbertSyzygy109Syzygy
15281 Syzygy282Paul Gilbert
161Dave VarbergPaul Gilbert  
17132 Syzygy138Paul Gilbert
18  259Dave Varberg
19150Paul GilbertSyzygy  
20159Dave Varberg 166Paul Gilbert
2138Dave Varberg 43Paul Gilbert
22423Dave Varberg 436Paul Gilbert
2351Paul Gilbert 78Syzygy
2467Paul Gilbert 71Syzygy
25181 Syzygy184Paul Gilbert
2631Paul Gilbert 32Syzygy
271Dave VarbergPaul Gilbert  
2928Paul GilbertSyzygy  
3012Paul Gilbert 13Syzygy
31121Paul GilbertSyzygy  
32306Paul GilbertSyzygy  
332Paul GilbertSyzygy  
3494Dave VarbergPaul Gilbert105Syzygy
3571 Syzygy77Paul Gilbert
371Dave VarbergPaul Gilbert  
38431 Syzygy449Paul Gilbert
39106 Syzygy107Paul Gilbert
4078 Syzygy83Paul Gilbert
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