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highest overall scores

perfect score: 1703800
1Finn Jepsen1696020
2Tom Rowe1634980
3Miika Toukola1617790
4Paul Gilbert1613740
5Mike L1145540
6Andrew Gapic441530
7Peter Marks70790
8Dave Varberg33320


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
127Miika ToukolaMike L  
2154Miika ToukolaPaul Gilbert  
3169Paul GilbertAndrew Gapic  
484Tom Rowe 87Finn Jepsen
554Miika ToukolaTom Rowe  
6194 Paul Gilbert195Andrew Gapic
734Dave Varberg 40Tom Rowe
895Miika Toukola 96Andrew Gapic
964Miika ToukolaTom Rowe  
1041Miika ToukolaTom Rowe  
11176Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
1238Miika ToukolaAndrew Gapic  
13145Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
14150Miika Toukola 152Andrew Gapic
1544Tom Rowe 45Andrew Gapic
1613Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
17107Tom Rowe 110Finn Jepsen
1815Finn JepsenPeter Marks  
1944Finn JepsenMiika Toukola  
20188Miika ToukolaAndrew Gapic  
21106Paul Gilbert 126Andrew Gapic
2257Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
23126 Paul Gilbert131Andrew Gapic
2446 Finn Jepsen53Tom Rowe
2541Miika ToukolaPaul Gilbert42Andrew Gapic
2654Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
2784Paul Gilbert 94Andrew Gapic
2830Miika Toukola 31Andrew Gapic
2956Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
30117 Miika Toukola134Paul Gilbert
3179Miika ToukolaAndrew Gapic  
3237Tom RoweMiika Toukola  
3365Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
3442Tom RowePaul Gilbert43Miika Toukola
3583 Tom Rowe84Paul Gilbert
36205Paul Gilbert 206Tom Rowe
3756Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
3869Tom RoweMiika Toukola  
39117Tom Rowe 122Finn Jepsen
40126Tom Rowe 141Miika Toukola
4149Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
4296Tom Rowe 99Miika Toukola
4330Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
4419Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen  
4569Finn JepsenPaul Gilbert  
46157Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
4749Paul GilbertTom Rowe53Mike L
4859Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
49142 Finn Jepsen143Paul Gilbert
5079Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen  
5172Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
5268 Miika Toukola70Tom Rowe
53137 Tom Rowe139Paul Gilbert
5458 Mike L60Tom Rowe
5577Miika ToukolaPaul Gilbert  
5617Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
5761Paul Gilbert 62Tom Rowe
5859Paul GilbertMiika Toukola  
59624Tom RoweAndrew Gapic  
6070Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
6171Miika ToukolaPaul Gilbert  
6290Tom Rowe 91Andrew Gapic
6393Paul GilbertMike L  
6486Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
6593Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
66174Tom RoweMike L184Mike L
6725 Mike L35Paul Gilbert
69367Tom RoweMiika Toukola  
7041Miika ToukolaPaul Gilbert  
7134Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
72646 Mike L647Miika Toukola
737Paul GilbertMiika Toukola  
7458Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
76278Paul Gilbert 279Andrew Gapic
7775Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
78188Miika ToukolaTom Rowe  
79150Miika ToukolaTom Rowe  
80303 Finn Jepsen341Tom Rowe
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