First half of my geodave set.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 1316370
1Finn Jepsen1309510
2Paul Gilbert1241330
3andrew b881110
4Tom Rowe606530
5Jacques =)112490
6Peter Marks32090


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
188Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
2143andrew bPaul Gilbert  
393Tom Roweandrew b  
4233Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
559andrew bPaul Gilbert  
67Jacques =)Peter Marks  
713Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
8348Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen  
9174Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
10371Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
1143 Paul Gilbert46Tom Rowe
12195Paul GilbertFinn Jepsen  
1329Finn Jepsenandrew b  
14263Peter MarksFinn Jepsen  
15203 Paul Gilbert204andrew b
1675andrew bPaul Gilbert  
1782andrew b 83Paul Gilbert
1845 Paul Gilbert46andrew b
1963andrew bPaul Gilbert  
2054 Paul Gilbert55andrew b
21279andrew bPaul Gilbert  
2224andrew bPaul Gilbert  
2373Finn Jepsenandrew b  
24100Finn Jepsenandrew b  
25104andrew b 110Paul Gilbert
26111andrew b 112Paul Gilbert
27284andrew bPaul Gilbert  
282Finn Jepsenandrew b  
29139andrew bPaul Gilbert  
30  227Finn Jepsen
31150andrew bFinn Jepsen  
32168 Paul Gilbert169andrew b
3341andrew b 45Paul Gilbert
34432Finn Jepsen 433Paul Gilbert
3551 Paul Gilbert52andrew b
3631andrew bPaul Gilbert  
3729andrew bPaul Gilbert  
3986andrew b 87Paul Gilbert
40203andrew bPaul Gilbert  
4119Finn Jepsen 34Paul Gilbert
42281andrew b 285Paul Gilbert
4331andrew bPaul Gilbert  
441Finn Jepsenandrew b  
4622andrew bPaul Gilbert  
4777 Paul Gilbert84andrew b
4924andrew bPaul Gilbert  
5014Finn Jepsenandrew b  
51119 Paul Gilbert122andrew b
5315Finn Jepsenandrew b  
5468 Paul Gilbert69andrew b
5543andrew bPaul Gilbert  
5641Finn Jepsenandrew b  
5776andrew bPaul Gilbert  
58112 Paul Gilbert143andrew b
5953andrew b 56Paul Gilbert
6078andrew bPaul Gilbert  
6128Tom Rowe 30Paul Gilbert
622Finn Jepsen 21Tom Rowe
63124Tom Rowe 150Paul Gilbert
653Finn JepsenPaul Gilbert  
66451 Finn Jepsen457Tom Rowe
6783Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
68115 Finn Jepsen117Paul Gilbert
6978Finn Jepsen 179Paul Gilbert
7068Tom Rowe 72Paul Gilbert
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