A brand new levelset built within the walls / layouts of CCLP1, compatible in both MS and Lynx rulesets. The version uploaded here is the difficulty order version. For the wall order and design order versions, be sure to download the .zip file for the set on CCZone. Enjoy playing!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6081700
1Tyler Combs6081360
2J.B. Lewis6007800
4Josh Lee5883030
5Tom Rowe986970


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1352 Tom Rowe356Tyler Combs
2238Tyler Combs 240Tom Rowe
3275 Tom Rowe282Tyler Combs
4192 Tom Rowe197Tyler Combs
5122Tom Rowe 123Tyler Combs
6280Tom RoweTyler Combs  
7233Tyler Combs 238Tom Rowe
8166Tyler Combs 167Tom Rowe
9261Tyler Combs 262Tom Rowe
10260J.B. Lewis 301Tyler Combs
11216Tyler CombsTom Rowe  
12330 Tom Rowe344Tyler Combs
13264 Tom Rowe271Tyler Combs
14256J.B. Lewis 316Tyler Combs
15195J.B. Lewis 228Tyler Combs
16301J.B. Lewis 326Tyler Combs
17223J.B. Lewis 226Tyler Combs
18204Tyler Combs 205Tom Rowe
19267J.B. Lewis 332Tyler Combs
20283J.B. Lewis 300Tyler Combs
21207Tyler Combs 209Tom Rowe
22317J.B. Lewis 340Tyler Combs
23225Tyler CombsTom Rowe  
24303J.B. Lewis 368Tyler Combs
2598J.B. Lewis 117Tyler Combs
26314J.B. Lewis 323Tyler Combs
27238Tyler CombsTom Rowe  
28333J.B. Lewis 384Tyler Combs
29223J.B. Lewis 298Tyler Combs
3049Tom Rowe 55Tyler Combs
31350J.B. Lewis 416Tyler Combs
32325Tyler Combs 327Tom Rowe
33298J.B. Lewis 365Tyler Combs
35307Tyler CombsTom Rowe  
36278J.B. Lewis 367Tyler Combs
37326J.B. Lewis 337Tyler Combs
38327Tyler Combs 328Tom Rowe
39220J.B. Lewis 252Tyler Combs
40363J.B. LewisTyler Combs  
41298 Josh Lee400Tyler Combs
42183Tom Rowe 186Tyler Combs
43294Tom Rowe 312Tyler Combs
44233J.B. Lewis 264Tyler Combs
46353J.B. Lewis 430Tyler Combs
47286J.B. Lewis 309Tyler Combs
48370J.B. Lewis 417Tyler Combs
49257Tyler Combs 258Tom Rowe
51380J.B. Lewis 457Tyler Combs
52173Tom Rowe 216Tyler Combs
54458J.B. Lewis 563Tyler Combs
55262J.B. Lewis 288Tyler Combs
56182J.B. Lewis 228Tyler Combs
57440 Josh Lee480Tyler Combs
58308J.B. Lewis 313Tyler Combs
60272 Bowman287Tyler Combs
61503J.B. Lewis 672Tyler Combs
62345J.B. Lewis 393Tyler Combs
63302J.B. Lewis 349Tyler Combs
64284J.B. Lewis 314Tyler Combs
65141 Bowman196Tyler Combs
66478J.B. Lewis 505Tyler Combs
67360J.B. Lewis 412Tyler Combs
68220J.B. Lewis 307Tyler Combs
69252J.B. Lewis 298Tyler Combs
70388J.B. Lewis 462Tyler Combs
71130 Bowman151Tyler Combs
73245J.B. Lewis 285Tyler Combs
74244J.B. Lewis 264Tyler Combs
75340J.B. Lewis 407Tyler Combs
76387J.B. Lewis 406Tyler Combs
77328J.B. Lewis 368Tyler Combs
79173J.B. Lewis 177Tyler Combs
80283J.B. Lewis 334Tyler Combs
82334J.B. Lewis 384Tyler Combs
83390J.B. Lewis 405Tyler Combs
84370J.B. Lewis 388Tyler Combs
85346J.B. Lewis 349Tyler Combs
86442J.B. Lewis 637Tyler Combs
87398 Josh Lee451Tyler Combs
88229 Josh Lee250Tyler Combs
89461J.B. Lewis 563Tyler Combs
90314J.B. Lewis 323Tyler Combs
92419J.B. Lewis 447Tyler Combs
93164J.B. Lewis 259Tyler Combs
94427 Josh Lee491Tyler Combs
95262J.B. Lewis 315Tyler Combs
96269 Josh Lee302Tyler Combs
97438J.B. Lewis 499Tyler Combs
9971J.B. Lewis 78Tyler Combs
100282J.B. Lewis 287Tyler Combs
101537J.B. Lewis 605Tyler Combs
102215J.B. Lewis 221Tyler Combs
103475 Bowman710Tyler Combs
104234 Bowman271Tyler Combs
105294 Josh Lee361Tyler Combs
106195J.B. Lewis 227Tyler Combs
108523 Bowman618Tyler Combs
109336J.B. Lewis 398Tyler Combs
110284 Tom Rowe301Tyler Combs
111550 Bowman651Tyler Combs
112541J.B. Lewis 616Tyler Combs
114565J.B. Lewis 600Tyler Combs
11534Tyler CombsTom Rowe  
116456J.B. Lewis 592Tyler Combs
117372J.B. Lewis 465Tyler Combs
118609J.B. Lewis 631Tyler Combs
120464J.B. Lewis 553Tyler Combs
121312J.B. Lewis 338Tyler Combs
122576J.B. Lewis 673Tyler Combs
123132J.B. Lewis 143Tyler Combs
125306J.B. Lewis 318Tyler Combs
126494J.B. Lewis 510Tyler Combs
127378J.B. Lewis 538Tyler Combs
128486J.B. Lewis 502Tyler Combs
130351J.B. Lewis 537Tyler Combs
131359Tyler Combs 361Tom Rowe
132520 Tom Rowe524Tyler Combs
133671 Tom Rowe731Tyler Combs
134314 Josh Lee588Tyler Combs
135404J.B. Lewis 435Tyler Combs
136215J.B. Lewis 254Tyler Combs
137685 Josh Lee741Tyler Combs
139818Tyler Combs 834Tom Rowe
140529J.B. Lewis 567Tyler Combs
141521J.B. Lewis 664Tyler Combs
142252J.B. Lewis 287Tyler Combs
143650J.B. Lewis 749Tyler Combs
144457J.B. Lewis 490Tyler Combs
145302J.B. Lewis 361Tyler Combs
146319J.B. Lewis 343Tyler Combs
148296 Bowman342Tyler Combs
149746J.B. Lewis 771Tyler Combs
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