Walls of CCLP4.dat

This is my take on the walls of CCLP4. If you'd like a lengthier set description, check out the CCZone upload! This version is not meant for serious play, but instead for reporting scores, and there are some time limit (0-->1000) changes to that effect.

Check out the trailer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rp_nuA6Dv6o

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6156470
1Jeffrey Bardon6110620
2Tyler Combs6075900
4J.B. Lewis849730


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
170KacperJeffrey Bardon  
2373Kacper 378J.B. Lewis
3215Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
4217Jeffrey BardonKataac  
5188J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
6253Kacper 263J.B. Lewis
7121Jeffrey BardonKataac  
8267Jeffrey BardonKacper  
9709Kacper 721J.B. Lewis
1098KataacJeffrey Bardon  
11981KacperJ.B. Lewis  
12366KacperJeffrey Bardon  
13452KacperJ.B. Lewis  
14376Kacper 377J.B. Lewis
15293Kacper 298J.B. Lewis
16775Tyler Combs 791Jeffrey Bardon
17453 Kacper454Jeffrey Bardon
18494 Jeffrey Bardon547Tyler Combs
19262Jeffrey Bardon 264Kacper
20253 Jeffrey Bardon297Tyler Combs
21358 Jeffrey Bardon396Tyler Combs
22311Kataac 316Jeffrey Bardon
23228 Jeffrey Bardon250Tyler Combs
24251 Kataac254Jeffrey Bardon
25277 Jeffrey Bardon342Tyler Combs
26178Tyler Combs 189Jeffrey Bardon
27249Tyler Combs 253Jeffrey Bardon
28236 Tyler Combs249J.B. Lewis
29579 Jeffrey Bardon645Tyler Combs
30252J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
31526 Jeffrey Bardon549Tyler Combs
32303 Jeffrey Bardon304Tyler Combs
33251 Jeffrey Bardon265Tyler Combs
34220Tyler Combs 229Jeffrey Bardon
35273 Jeffrey Bardon287Tyler Combs
36417 Jeffrey Bardon432Tyler Combs
37536Tyler Combs 571Jeffrey Bardon
38328 Jeffrey Bardon372Tyler Combs
39364 Jeffrey Bardon450Tyler Combs
40231Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
41280 Jeffrey Bardon307Tyler Combs
42537 Jeffrey Bardon611Tyler Combs
43398 Jeffrey Bardon425Tyler Combs
44251 Jeffrey Bardon407Tyler Combs
45785 Jeffrey Bardon822Tyler Combs
46923 Jeffrey Bardon928Tyler Combs
47228 Jeffrey Bardon241Tyler Combs
48247Jeffrey BardonKataac  
49762 Jeffrey Bardon860Tyler Combs
50560 Jeffrey Bardon572Tyler Combs
51217KataacJeffrey Bardon  
52220J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
53368Tyler Combs 371Jeffrey Bardon
54197Tyler Combs 202Jeffrey Bardon
55249 Jeffrey Bardon263Tyler Combs
56456 Jeffrey Bardon506Tyler Combs
57310Tyler Combs 326Jeffrey Bardon
58451 Jeffrey Bardon459Tyler Combs
59147 Jeffrey Bardon163Tyler Combs
60282 Jeffrey Bardon312Tyler Combs
61267 Jeffrey Bardon287Tyler Combs
62312Tyler Combs 327Jeffrey Bardon
63618 Jeffrey Bardon730Tyler Combs
64265 Jeffrey Bardon313Tyler Combs
65682 Jeffrey Bardon703Tyler Combs
66251Kataac 256Jeffrey Bardon
67315 Jeffrey Bardon319Tyler Combs
68260 Jeffrey Bardon342Tyler Combs
69297 Jeffrey Bardon343Tyler Combs
70617 Jeffrey Bardon668Tyler Combs
71285 Jeffrey Bardon381Tyler Combs
72214 Jeffrey Bardon232Tyler Combs
73176 Tyler Combs177Jeffrey Bardon
74344 Jeffrey Bardon367Tyler Combs
75322 Jeffrey Bardon350Tyler Combs
76159 Jeffrey Bardon207Tyler Combs
77328 Jeffrey Bardon357Tyler Combs
78260 Jeffrey Bardon272Tyler Combs
79193 Jeffrey Bardon219Tyler Combs
80748 Jeffrey Bardon828Tyler Combs
81415 Jeffrey Bardon431Tyler Combs
82568 Jeffrey Bardon624Tyler Combs
83233 Jeffrey Bardon330Tyler Combs
84360 Jeffrey Bardon373Tyler Combs
85472 Jeffrey Bardon511Tyler Combs
86334 Jeffrey Bardon342Tyler Combs
87285 Jeffrey Bardon314Tyler Combs
88390 Jeffrey Bardon418Tyler Combs
8923 Kataac25Jeffrey Bardon
90308 Jeffrey Bardon311Tyler Combs
91442 Jeffrey Bardon526Tyler Combs
92276 Jeffrey Bardon309Tyler Combs
93266 Jeffrey Bardon291Tyler Combs
94694 Jeffrey Bardon843Tyler Combs
9528 Jeffrey Bardon38Tyler Combs
96238 Jeffrey Bardon257Tyler Combs
97440Tyler Combs 454Jeffrey Bardon
9829KataacJeffrey Bardon  
99480 Jeffrey Bardon595Tyler Combs
100660 Jeffrey Bardon710Tyler Combs
101302 Jeffrey Bardon313Tyler Combs
102307 Jeffrey Bardon310Tyler Combs
103316 Jeffrey Bardon330Tyler Combs
104337 Jeffrey Bardon355Tyler Combs
105176KataacJeffrey Bardon  
106259KataacJeffrey Bardon  
107473 Jeffrey Bardon490Tyler Combs
108407 Jeffrey Bardon411Tyler Combs
109399 Jeffrey Bardon407Tyler Combs
110239 Jeffrey Bardon261Tyler Combs
111142 Jeffrey Bardon207Tyler Combs
112412 Jeffrey Bardon437Tyler Combs
113309 Jeffrey Bardon312Tyler Combs
114704 Jeffrey Bardon751Tyler Combs
115258KataacJeffrey Bardon  
116377 Jeffrey Bardon405Tyler Combs
117754 Jeffrey Bardon897Tyler Combs
118193Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
119260 Jeffrey Bardon279Tyler Combs
120175J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
121374 Jeffrey Bardon402Tyler Combs
122473 Jeffrey Bardon571Tyler Combs
123325 Jeffrey Bardon364Tyler Combs
124373 Jeffrey Bardon386Tyler Combs
125621 Jeffrey Bardon646Tyler Combs
126173 Kataac174Jeffrey Bardon
127331 Jeffrey Bardon354Tyler Combs
128534 Jeffrey Bardon576Tyler Combs
129382Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
130656 Jeffrey Bardon741Tyler Combs
131320 Jeffrey Bardon475Tyler Combs
132256 Jeffrey Bardon474Tyler Combs
133650 Jeffrey Bardon794Tyler Combs
134127J.B. LewisKataac  
135194Tyler Combs 206Jeffrey Bardon
136   747Jeffrey Bardon
137205KataacJeffrey Bardon  
138242 Kataac245Jeffrey Bardon
139189 Jeffrey Bardon233Tyler Combs
14073KataacJeffrey Bardon  
141912J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
14249KataacJeffrey Bardon  
143372 Jeffrey Bardon418Tyler Combs
144447 Jeffrey Bardon481Tyler Combs
145225 Jeffrey Bardon297Tyler Combs
146292 Jeffrey Bardon325Tyler Combs
147320 Jeffrey Bardon350Tyler Combs
148197 Jeffrey Bardon220Tyler Combs
149313 Jeffrey Bardon375Tyler Combs
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