This is (likely) my final big CC1 set. The difficulty curve is a step above UC4, which much of the final third containing difficult puzzles, while the earlier levels remain on the easier side.

Originally released at 80 levels, with 69 added in much later resulting in a full re-ordering. This version is what's uploaded here.

Have fun!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6165200
1Tyler Combs6153840
2Jeffrey Bardon6133970
3Josh Lee6089110
4J.B. Lewis3414990
5Ben Hornlitz3221120
6James Anderson176250
7Michael Warner92640
9Tyler Sontag25800


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
160James AndersonBen Hornlitz  
2246Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
392James AndersonBen Hornlitz  
4248Jeffrey Bardon 249J.B. Lewis
5111James AndersonBen Hornlitz  
6228Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
7431Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
8251Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
9310Jeffrey Bardon 316J.B. Lewis
10235Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
11414Jeffrey Bardon 424J.B. Lewis
1297Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
13220James AndersonJeffrey Bardon  
14357Jeffrey Bardon 358J.B. Lewis
15182James AndersonJeffrey Bardon  
16173James AndersonJeffrey Bardon  
17277Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
18220Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
19204Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
20275Jeffrey Bardon 277J.B. Lewis
21217Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
22324Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
2343Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
24283Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz  
25295Jeffrey BardonBen Hornlitz296J.B. Lewis
26111Jeffrey BardonMichael Warner  
27162 Tyler Combs174J.B. Lewis
28227 Tyler Combs238J.B. Lewis
29179Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis180James Anderson
30363 Tyler Combs368J.B. Lewis
31268Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
32255Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
33282Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
34377Jeffrey Bardon 384J.B. Lewis
35523 Tyler Combs527J.B. Lewis
36483Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
37241Jeffrey Bardon 242J.B. Lewis
38299Jeffrey Bardon 300J.B. Lewis
39253Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
40241 Tyler Combs244Jeffrey Bardon
41317Jeffrey Bardon 326J.B. Lewis
42387Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
43377 Tyler Combs382J.B. Lewis
44652Jeffrey Bardon 654J.B. Lewis
45274Jeffrey Bardon 301J.B. Lewis
46280Tyler SontagJeffrey Bardon  
4790Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
48309Jeffrey Bardon 319J.B. Lewis
49443Jeffrey Bardon 497Tyler Combs
50389Jeffrey Bardon 403J.B. Lewis
51452 Tyler Combs464J.B. Lewis
52332 Tyler Combs336Josh Lee
53326J.B. Lewis 328Tyler Combs
54180Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
55337Jeffrey Bardon 338J.B. Lewis
56351 Tyler Combs354J.B. Lewis
57274J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
58467Ben Hornlitz 491Jeffrey Bardon
59233Jeffrey Bardon 266Tyler Combs
60209Jeffrey Bardon 212J.B. Lewis
61275Jeffrey Bardon 276J.B. Lewis
62317 Tyler Combs319Jeffrey Bardon
63379 Tyler Combs387Jeffrey Bardon
64255Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
65563Josh Lee 605Tyler Combs
66321Jeffrey Bardon 324Tyler Combs
67597Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
68511 Tyler Combs521J.B. Lewis
69319Jeffrey Bardon 321J.B. Lewis
70345 Tyler Combs359J.B. Lewis
71408Jeffrey Bardon 412J.B. Lewis
72478 Tyler Combs480J.B. Lewis
73429Jeffrey Bardon 433J.B. Lewis
7457Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
75414Jeffrey Bardon 420Tyler Combs
76390 Josh Lee399Jeffrey Bardon
77405 Tyler Combs406J.B. Lewis
78376 Tyler Combs387J.B. Lewis
79274Jeffrey Bardon 287J.B. Lewis
80400 Tyler Combs405J.B. Lewis
81796Jeffrey Bardon 883Tyler Combs
82375Jeffrey Bardon 427Tyler Combs
83356Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
84338Josh Lee 367Tyler Combs
85439 Tyler Combs470Jeffrey Bardon
8689 Tyler Combs90J.B. Lewis
87735Jeffrey Bardon 745Tyler Combs
88318 Tyler Combs331Jeffrey Bardon
89312Jeffrey Bardon 316J.B. Lewis
90335Jeffrey Bardon 417Tyler Combs
91504 Tyler Combs559J.B. Lewis
92442Jeffrey Bardon 496Tyler Combs
93217Jeffrey Bardon 219J.B. Lewis
94705 Tyler Combs706Jeffrey Bardon
95542 Tyler Combs548Jeffrey Bardon
96358Jeffrey Bardon 360Tyler Combs
97271Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
98282Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
99382Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
100544 Tyler Combs561J.B. Lewis
101116Jeffrey Bardon 117J.B. Lewis
102337Josh Lee 343Tyler Combs
103455 Tyler Combs470J.B. Lewis
104508 Tyler Combs513J.B. Lewis
105269Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
106437 Josh Lee454Jeffrey Bardon
107482Jeffrey Bardon 496J.B. Lewis
108405 Tyler Combs409Jeffrey Bardon
109444Jeffrey Bardon 446J.B. Lewis
110185Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
111486Josh Lee 507J.B. Lewis
112437 Tyler Combs448J.B. Lewis
113383Jeffrey Bardon 404Tyler Combs
114377Josh Lee 386Tyler Combs
115227Josh Lee 269Tyler Combs
116533 Tyler Combs543J.B. Lewis
117187J.B. Lewis 189Tyler Combs
118324 Tyler Combs328J.B. Lewis
119325Josh Lee 349Tyler Combs
120474Josh Lee 510Tyler Combs
121625 Tyler Combs634Jeffrey Bardon
122112Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
123353Jeffrey Bardon 410Tyler Combs
124682Jeffrey Bardon 688Tyler Combs
125607Josh Lee 643Tyler Combs
126937 Tyler Combs945J.B. Lewis
127333Jeffrey Bardon 357Tyler Combs
128384Jeffrey Bardon 407Tyler Combs
129706Jeffrey Bardon 717Tyler Combs
130590 Tyler Combs603J.B. Lewis
131407 Tyler Combs413J.B. Lewis
132723Jeffrey Bardon 729Tyler Combs
133414 Tyler Combs421J.B. Lewis
134968Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
135615Josh Lee 625Tyler Combs
136644 Tyler Combs645J.B. Lewis
137306 Tyler Combs324J.B. Lewis
138381 Tyler Combs386J.B. Lewis
139355Jeffrey Bardon 406Tyler Combs
140774Jeffrey Bardon 812Tyler Combs
141567Jeffrey Bardon 661Tyler Combs
142659Jeffrey Bardon 722Tyler Combs
143716Jeffrey Bardon 862Tyler Combs
144392Jeffrey Bardon 463Tyler Combs
145404Jeffrey Bardon 485Tyler Combs
146522Jeffrey Bardon 576Tyler Combs
147812Jeffrey Bardon 850pieguy
148126James AndersonJeffrey Bardon  
149564Jeffrey Bardon 704Tyler Combs
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