Here it is. Although you can also find this levelset on the CC Zone, I decided to post my levelset here for anyone that wants to submit their scores for this levelset, just for fun. I hope you enjoy anyway.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 2008440
1Tyler Combs2006130
2Tom Brown1988000
3Tom Rowe723510
5Finn Jepsen359050
6Jeffrey Bardon14610


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
189Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
293Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
388Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
479Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
592Finn JepsenKacper  
690Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
795Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
881Finn JepsenKacper  
9115Finn JepsenKacper  
10115Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
11119Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
1293Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
13115Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
14114 Tom Rowe115Kacper
1590KacperTyler Combs  
1692Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
17109Tom BrownFinn Jepsen  
18133Finn JepsenKacper  
19123 Finn Jepsen124Kacper
20109Finn JepsenKacper  
21314Tyler Combs 323Kacper
22189Tyler Combs 219Kacper
23142Tom Brown 143Kacper
24172Tyler CombsTom Brown184Kacper
25147Tyler Combs 149Kacper
2655Tom BrownTyler Combs59Kacper
2767Tom BrownTyler Combs68Kacper
2861Jeffrey Bardon 63Kacper
29111Tyler Combs 119Kacper
3092Finn JepsenKacper  
3199KacperTom Rowe  
32329 Kacper349Tyler Combs
33152Tom RoweKacper  
34190 Kacper197Tyler Combs
35312Tom Rowe 315Kacper
36317 Kacper324Tyler Combs
3744Tyler Combs 54Kacper
38214Tyler CombsKacper  
39128Tyler Combs 130Kacper
40110 Kacper122Tyler Combs
41190Tom Brown 212Kacper
42176Tom Rowe 187Kacper
43309 Tom Brown356Tyler Combs
44220Tom Brown 226Tyler Combs
46207 Tom Brown285Tyler Combs
47433 Tom Brown480Tyler Combs
48112Tom BrownTyler Combs113Tom Rowe
49331Tyler Combs 372Tom Rowe
50155Tom Brown 452Tyler Combs
51355 Tom Brown394Tyler Combs
52279 Tom Brown313Tyler Combs
53331 Tom Brown474Tyler Combs
54302 Tom Brown311Tyler Combs
55285 Tom Brown340Tyler Combs
56159 Tom Rowe165Tyler Combs
57204Tom Brown 212Tyler Combs
5885 Tom Brown93Tyler Combs
59194 Tom Brown214Tyler Combs
60171 Tom Brown176Tyler Combs
61255 Tom Brown276Tyler Combs
65211 Tom Brown222Tyler Combs
66316 Tom Brown334Tyler Combs
67562 Tom Brown621Tyler Combs
68242 Tom Brown322Tyler Combs
6965Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
70748 Tom Brown837Tyler Combs
71420 Tom Brown431Tyler Combs
72331 Tom Brown458Tyler Combs
73304 Tom Brown336Tyler Combs
7453Tom Brown 56Kacper
75303 Tom Brown375Tyler Combs
76255 Tom Brown264Tyler Combs
77245 Tom Brown246Tyler Combs
78222Tyler CombsTom Brown  
80201 Tom Brown221Tyler Combs
81311Tyler Combs 319Tom Brown
82427Tom Rowe 624Tyler Combs
83170Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
8446 Tom Brown54Kacper
85836Tom Rowe 855Tyler Combs
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