Micro Chips.dat

Did you think the original Chip's Challenge had levels that were just too big? Or do you just dislike levels that unnecessarily took up the whole map? Well this is the set for you!

Micro Chips

All 149 levels from the original CC1, scaled down to (mostly) small sizes but still retain what they accomplished in their original forms. No huge levels, no huge time limits. Just scaled down, simple fun!

For this set, all originally untimed levels have time limits of 99.


highest overall scores

perfect score: 5631880
1J.B. Lewis5631880
2Jeffrey Bardon5631860
5James Anderson4566390


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
19Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
214Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
313Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
415Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
511Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
612Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
716Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
89Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
922Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
107Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1115Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1212Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1397Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1431Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1513Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1697Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1712Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1815Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1918Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2022Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2117Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
228Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2315Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2419Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2519Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2629Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2720Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2815Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
2914Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
306Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
312Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
329Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
3374Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
342Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
3517Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
3629Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
3719Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
3817Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
398Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4013Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4114Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4212Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4328Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4419Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4510Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4618Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4719Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4819Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
4914Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
5010Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
517Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
5219Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
536Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
5416Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
5515Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
5616Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
578Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
589Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
5911Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
602Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6198Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6216Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6314Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
649Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6511Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6619Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6710Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
6825Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
698Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7014Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7120Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7292Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7334Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7421Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
756Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7628Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7715Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7820Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
7921Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8010Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8165Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
829Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8318BacornJeffrey Bardon  
8412Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8523Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8612Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8774Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8820Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
8930Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
9014Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9112Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9210Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9329Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9492Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9524Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9619Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9710Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9817Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
9914Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10093Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10111Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10216Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10310Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10415Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10510Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10679Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
10720BacornJeffrey Bardon  
10815IndyindeedJeffrey Bardon  
10920Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11029J.B. LewisBacorn  
11190Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11289Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11328Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11411Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11587Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11643Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11789Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11818Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
11913Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12082Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12190Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12216Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12331Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12421Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12559Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12624Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12730Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
12830BacornJeffrey Bardon31J.B. Lewis
12919Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13085Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1316Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13233Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13385Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13451Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
1357Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13694Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13736Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
13825BacornJeffrey Bardon  
13989Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14015Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14193Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14286Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14391Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14470Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14590Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14649Jeffrey BardonJames Anderson  
14792Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
14850Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
14923Jeffrey BardonBacorn  
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