My fifth and most likely final levelset in the JoshL series. Contains 149 levels of moderate difficulty. Set was in construction from December 25, 2013 to December 23, 2014.

If you want more insight on how some levels were inspired, how some of the titles originated, or just want some pointless trivia about some of the levels, check the comments!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6163920
1Josh Lee6094710
2J.B. Lewis5415680
3Ben Hornlitz1963800
4Michael Warner1904080
5Jeffrey Bardon152680
6Miika Toukola127710
7Finn Jepsen75900


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1270 Ben Hornlitz298J.B. Lewis
2252 Jeffrey Bardon274J.B. Lewis
3418Michael Warner 506J.B. Lewis
4342 Josh Lee408J.B. Lewis
5217 Miika Toukola357J.B. Lewis
6217J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
7371 Josh Lee454J.B. Lewis
8217 Josh Lee228J.B. Lewis
9197 Josh Lee221J.B. Lewis
10329Michael Warner 454J.B. Lewis
11317 Miika Toukola344J.B. Lewis
12407 Josh Lee444J.B. Lewis
13441 Josh Lee461J.B. Lewis
1455 Josh Lee81J.B. Lewis
1562 Josh Lee75J.B. Lewis
16310Michael Warner 341J.B. Lewis
17472Josh Lee 522J.B. Lewis
18214 Josh Lee244J.B. Lewis
19261Josh Lee 373J.B. Lewis
20289Josh Lee 491J.B. Lewis
21334Josh Lee 356J.B. Lewis
22316Josh Lee 402J.B. Lewis
23219 Ben Hornlitz270J.B. Lewis
24383 Josh Lee423J.B. Lewis
25150 Ben Hornlitz155J.B. Lewis
26291 Josh Lee297J.B. Lewis
27353Michael Warner 384J.B. Lewis
28426Josh Lee 504J.B. Lewis
29484Josh Lee 725J.B. Lewis
30455Josh Lee 587J.B. Lewis
31260 Josh Lee288J.B. Lewis
32511Josh Lee 550J.B. Lewis
33164Ben Hornlitz 194J.B. Lewis
34609Josh Lee 672J.B. Lewis
35380Josh Lee 458J.B. Lewis
36337 Ben Hornlitz411J.B. Lewis
37227 Josh Lee288J.B. Lewis
38187 Josh Lee190J.B. Lewis
39229 Finn Jepsen232J.B. Lewis
40483Josh Lee 498J.B. Lewis
41  207Josh Lee
42603Josh Lee 760J.B. Lewis
43230Josh Lee 238J.B. Lewis
44  341Josh Lee
45336 Josh Lee343J.B. Lewis
46183 Josh Lee195J.B. Lewis
47263 Josh Lee267J.B. Lewis
48457Michael Warner 628J.B. Lewis
49344Josh Lee 550J.B. Lewis
50390 Josh Lee425J.B. Lewis
51178 Ben Hornlitz181J.B. Lewis
52403Ben Hornlitz 484J.B. Lewis
53424 Josh Lee450J.B. Lewis
54390 Josh Lee408J.B. Lewis
55373Josh Lee 701J.B. Lewis
56393Josh Lee 529J.B. Lewis
57388Josh Lee 401J.B. Lewis
58361Josh Lee 438J.B. Lewis
59262Josh Lee 285J.B. Lewis
60512 Josh Lee541J.B. Lewis
61131J.B. LewisBen Hornlitz  
62  288Josh Lee
63223 Josh Lee259J.B. Lewis
64460 Ben Hornlitz482Josh Lee
65219Michael Warner 268J.B. Lewis
66  287Josh Lee
67395 Josh Lee416J.B. Lewis
68355 Josh Lee375J.B. Lewis
69189 Josh Lee228J.B. Lewis
70431Josh Lee 470J.B. Lewis
71423Josh Lee 454J.B. Lewis
72254 Josh Lee275J.B. Lewis
73  291Josh Lee
74381 Josh Lee408J.B. Lewis
75  343Josh Lee
76360Josh Lee 390J.B. Lewis
77325Josh Lee 346J.B. Lewis
78279Michael Warner 285J.B. Lewis
79240 Josh Lee282J.B. Lewis
80240 Josh Lee267J.B. Lewis
81396Michael Warner 481J.B. Lewis
82223 Ben Hornlitz288Josh Lee
83  511Josh Lee
84150 Ben Hornlitz178J.B. Lewis
85472Josh Lee 534J.B. Lewis
86405 Josh Lee440J.B. Lewis
87495Josh Lee 581J.B. Lewis
88328Josh Lee 403J.B. Lewis
89510Josh Lee 564J.B. Lewis
90364 Ben Hornlitz384J.B. Lewis
91206Josh Lee 238J.B. Lewis
92400 Josh Lee419J.B. Lewis
93  412Josh Lee
94440 Josh Lee476J.B. Lewis
9573 Josh Lee82J.B. Lewis
96379Josh Lee 572J.B. Lewis
97363Josh Lee 403J.B. Lewis
98275 Josh Lee292J.B. Lewis
99255Josh Lee 318J.B. Lewis
100240J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
101295Josh Lee 354J.B. Lewis
102278Josh Lee 339J.B. Lewis
103261J.B. LewisFinn Jepsen  
104489 Josh Lee567J.B. Lewis
105358Michael Warner 386J.B. Lewis
106524 Josh Lee559J.B. Lewis
107275 Josh Lee280J.B. Lewis
108196Josh Lee 217J.B. Lewis
109175 Josh Lee219J.B. Lewis
110288Josh Lee 309J.B. Lewis
111485Josh Lee 561J.B. Lewis
112481Josh Lee 496J.B. Lewis
113434Josh Lee 472J.B. Lewis
114251J.B. LewisBen Hornlitz  
115388Josh Lee 411J.B. Lewis
116421Josh Lee 476J.B. Lewis
117269 Josh Lee278J.B. Lewis
118942 Josh Lee949J.B. Lewis
119384Josh Lee 460J.B. Lewis
120187J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
121382J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
122375 Josh Lee416J.B. Lewis
123440Josh Lee 533J.B. Lewis
124463 Josh Lee516J.B. Lewis
125401Josh Lee 419J.B. Lewis
126390Josh Lee 476J.B. Lewis
127206Ben Hornlitz 241J.B. Lewis
128337Josh Lee 384J.B. Lewis
129511Josh Lee 562J.B. Lewis
130468Josh Lee 539J.B. Lewis
13181 Josh Lee245J.B. Lewis
132454Josh Lee 463J.B. Lewis
133506 Josh Lee513J.B. Lewis
134  487Josh Lee
135  667Josh Lee
136  301Josh Lee
137365Michael Warner 378J.B. Lewis
138148Josh Lee 208J.B. Lewis
140428Josh Lee 454J.B. Lewis
141  510Josh Lee
142900Michael Warner 903J.B. Lewis
143500Josh Lee 535J.B. Lewis
144  759Josh Lee
145446Josh Lee 486J.B. Lewis
146203Josh Lee 233J.B. Lewis
148318Josh Lee 339J.B. Lewis
149207 Josh Lee251J.B. Lewis
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