These are the original 201 levels of this set.

For the Lynx-compatible and fixed up version of this set, go to the Yahoo Newsgroup to download it! It will be under the name JoshL1!

highest overall scores

perfect score: 10931290
1andrew b10663350
2Paul Gilbert10286500
3Finn Jepsen6606770
4Josh Lee6148550
5J.B. Lewis3846800
6Tom Rowe2867080
7Nikola Tesla1698890
9Mike L1115820
10Larry Jackson649740
11Jacques =)137710
12James Anderson101000
14Tyler Sontag14900


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
154Tom Roweandrew b  
2402andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
3165andrew bMike L  
4370andrew b 373J.B. Lewis
5250jeanneJ.B. Lewis  
631Tom Roweandrew b  
7364J.B. Lewisandrew b  
8581 andrew b585J.B. Lewis
9258J.B. Lewisandrew b  
10141andrew bMike L  
11446 andrew b447J.B. Lewis
12718andrew b 723J.B. Lewis
1314Tom Roweandrew b  
14373J.B. Lewisandrew b  
1556J.B. LewisMike L  
16764andrew b 769J.B. Lewis
1783andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
18245andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
19255andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
20260andrew b 261J.B. Lewis
21918J.B. LewisMike L  
22444J.B. Lewis 445Nikola Tesla
23191andrew b 192J.B. Lewis
24727andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
25154 andrew b158J.B. Lewis
26247andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
27366andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
28681 Nikola Tesla685andrew b
29280andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
30754J.B. Lewisandrew b  
3119Tom Roweandrew b  
32500J.B. Lewisandrew b  
339Tom Roweandrew b  
34325andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
35250J.B. Lewisandrew b  
3696Tom Roweandrew b  
37595J.B. Lewisandrew b  
38281 Nikola Tesla290J.B. Lewis
39437J.B. Lewisandrew b  
40148J.B. LewisFinn Jepsen  
41280 andrew b282J.B. Lewis
42432J.B. LewisNikola Tesla  
43235 andrew b236J.B. Lewis
44278andrew b 280J.B. Lewis
4575Tom RoweJ.B. Lewis  
4619andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
47289andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
48794J.B. Lewis 807andrew b
49309J.B. Lewis 311andrew b
50286andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
51219andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
52150 andrew b151J.B. Lewis
53433 andrew b442J.B. Lewis
54308andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
5549andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
56678andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
57349J.B. Lewisandrew b  
58281 andrew b282J.B. Lewis
59107 andrew b109J.B. Lewis
605andrew bJosh Lee  
61186andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
6242andrew bJ.B. Lewis44J.B. Lewis
63848J.B. Lewisandrew b  
64284J.B. Lewisandrew b  
65360J.B. Lewisandrew b  
66350J.B. Lewisandrew b  
67843 Josh Lee859J.B. Lewis
68291J.B. Lewisandrew b  
6995andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
70113andrew b 115J.B. Lewis
71467J.B. Lewisandrew b  
72595J.B. Lewisandrew b  
73383J.B. Lewisandrew b  
74993J.B. Lewisandrew b  
75605 andrew b610J.B. Lewis
7615J.B. Lewisandrew b  
77434 andrew b436J.B. Lewis
78631J.B. Lewisandrew b635andrew b
79232 andrew b233J.B. Lewis
80358andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
81178andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
82395 andrew b401J.B. Lewis
83380J.B. Lewisandrew b  
84488 Paul Gilbert501andrew b
85497 andrew b501J.B. Lewis
8692andrew bFinn Jepsen  
87653J.B. Lewis 654andrew b
88535andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
89316andrew b 317J.B. Lewis
90972andrew b 973J.B. Lewis
91468J.B. Lewisandrew b  
92420andrew bJ.B. Lewis421Paul Gilbert
93411andrew b 412J.B. Lewis
94323andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
95583andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
9625andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
97430 Paul Gilbert487andrew b
98186andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
99265J.B. Lewisandrew b266Paul Gilbert
100486 Paul Gilbert496andrew b
101254 Paul Gilbert263andrew b
102305andrew bFinn Jepsen  
103598andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
104113J.B. Lewisandrew b  
105574 Paul Gilbert595andrew b
106414andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
107149andrew b 150J.B. Lewis
108875andrew b 888Nikola Tesla
10957 andrew b61J.B. Lewis
110221Paul Gilbert 273andrew b
11159andrew b 61Finn Jepsen
112200andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
113364 Paul Gilbert366andrew b
114236Paul Gilbertandrew b237andrew b
115709 Paul Gilbert733andrew b
116692Paul Gilbert 697andrew b
117152 andrew b171Paul Gilbert
118455 Paul Gilbert458andrew b
119580andrew bPaul Gilbert  
120142 Paul Gilbert151andrew b
121924 andrew b935Nikola Tesla
122296andrew bPaul Gilbert  
12321andrew bLarry Jackson  
124269andrew bFinn Jepsen  
125412andrew bPaul Gilbert  
126596 Paul Gilbert599andrew b
1277andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
128350 Paul Gilbert351andrew b
129664 Paul Gilbert704andrew b
130220 Paul Gilbert244andrew b
131372andrew bNikola Tesla  
132559andrew bPaul Gilbert  
133  163Paul Gilbert
134288J.B. Lewisandrew b  
135132andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
136925 andrew b936Paul Gilbert
137384 Paul Gilbert406andrew b
13820J.B. LewisNikola Tesla  
139272 Paul Gilbert275andrew b
140791J.B. Lewisandrew b  
141520andrew bJ.B. Lewis  
142105J.B. Lewisandrew b  
143205 Paul Gilbert206andrew b
144449andrew b 472Paul Gilbert
145163Josh Lee 196andrew b
146558 Paul Gilbert572andrew b
14712J.B. LewisFinn Jepsen  
148835andrew bPaul Gilbert  
149369andrew bPaul Gilbert  
150326J.B. LewisPaul Gilbert  
151572Paul Gilbert 573andrew b
152995J.B. LewisJosh Lee  
153390Paul Gilbertandrew b  
154516 Paul Gilbert519andrew b
155646Paul Gilbert 647andrew b
15610Finn JepsenPaul Gilbert  
157184Finn JepsenNikola Tesla187andrew b
158195Finn JepsenPaul Gilbert  
159585Paul Gilbert 599andrew b
160186Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
16115Tom RowePaul Gilbert16andrew b
162360Paul Gilbert 365andrew b
163257Josh Lee 259andrew b
164248Tom RowePaul Gilbert  
165295 Paul Gilbert296andrew b
166353Josh Lee 357andrew b
167  423andrew b
168246 Paul Gilbert247andrew b
169203 Paul Gilbert204andrew b
17037Tom Roweandrew b46andrew b
171444Paul Gilbert 446andrew b
17291Paul GilbertTom Rowe  
173499 Finn Jepsen507andrew b
174  667Tom Rowe
175337 Paul Gilbert365andrew b
17625andrew bPaul Gilbert  
1774 Paul Gilbert5andrew b
178558 Paul Gilbert568andrew b
179580andrew b 670Paul Gilbert
18045 Tom Rowe47andrew b
18183 Paul Gilbert91andrew b
18210andrew bPaul Gilbert  
18350 Paul Gilbert51andrew b
184282 Paul Gilbert287andrew b
185273 Paul Gilbert275andrew b
186230 Paul Gilbert241andrew b
18722andrew bTom Rowe  
18837andrew bTom Rowe38Paul Gilbert
18946andrew bTom Rowe  
19071 Paul Gilbert97andrew b
191231 Paul Gilbert234andrew b
19213Tom Roweandrew b  
193373 Finn Jepsen378andrew b
194455Tom Rowe 464andrew b
195136 Paul Gilbert141andrew b
196295 Finn Jepsen395andrew b
197171andrew bPaul Gilbert  
198  404Finn Jepsen
19994 Paul Gilbert95andrew b
20018Leonardoandrew b  
201387 Finn Jepsen393Paul Gilbert
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