This level set contains levels that I made but were rejected for one reason or another. It contains levels that were either in JCCLP1 or 2 but were replaced at some point, small test levels to test a specific concept, or were made for an actual JoshL set (3-7 mostly) but didn't meet a certain standard of mine.

It also contains random level edits of other levels I made for fun.

Comments explain why these were rejected exactly, if I can remember why.

This is not for any official set consideration. Enjoy?

highest overall scores

perfect score: 12832320
1Jeffrey Bardon12252760
2Tom Rowe6351760
3Josh Lee5996110
4Finn Jepsen2749940
5Andrew Menzies1735680
6Ben Hornlitz1487400
7Tyler Sontag914850
8Michael Warner767460


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
2329Tom Rowe 336Jeffrey Bardon
383Michael WarnerBen Hornlitz  
4326Tom Rowe 339Jeffrey Bardon
5438Tom Rowe 461Jeffrey Bardon
6243Tom Rowe 248Jeffrey Bardon
758Tom RoweJeffrey Bardon  
8522Tom Rowe 531Jeffrey Bardon
9282Jeffrey BardonTom Rowe  
1286IndyindeedJeffrey Bardon  
13275Tom Rowe 341Jeffrey Bardon
14109Jeffrey BardonTom Rowe  
15215Tom Rowe 235Jeffrey Bardon
1686Tom Rowe 122Jeffrey Bardon
17250Tom Rowe 294Jeffrey Bardon
18267Tom Rowe 272Jeffrey Bardon
19249Tom Rowe 264Jeffrey Bardon
20426Tom Rowe 447Jeffrey Bardon
21646Tom Rowe 672Jeffrey Bardon
22254Michael WarnerJeffrey Bardon  
23567Tom Rowe 613Jeffrey Bardon
24228Tom Rowe 229Jeffrey Bardon
25438Tom Rowe 473Jeffrey Bardon
2643Michael WarnerTom Rowe  
27298Tom Rowe 337Jeffrey Bardon
29592Jeffrey BardonFinn Jepsen  
30  669Jeffrey Bardon
31135Tom Rowe 150Jeffrey Bardon
32  452Jeffrey Bardon
33373Tom Rowe 435Jeffrey Bardon
34448 Josh Lee450Jeffrey Bardon
35305Tom Rowe 330Jeffrey Bardon
36252Tom Rowe 254Jeffrey Bardon
37804Tom Rowe 865Jeffrey Bardon
38633Tom Rowe 659Jeffrey Bardon
3949Tom RoweJeffrey Bardon  
4086Tom RoweJeffrey Bardon  
4153Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
4257Tom Rowe 60Jeffrey Bardon
43570Tom Rowe 672Jeffrey Bardon
44298Tom Rowe 320Jeffrey Bardon
45264Tom Rowe 279Jeffrey Bardon
46935 Finn Jepsen960Jeffrey Bardon
48103 Finn Jepsen136Jeffrey Bardon
4985Tom Rowe 98Jeffrey Bardon
50280Tom Rowe 291Jeffrey Bardon
5198Tom Rowe 206Jeffrey Bardon
54  529Jeffrey Bardon
55324 Finn Jepsen431Jeffrey Bardon
56541Josh Lee 556Jeffrey Bardon
58  433Jeffrey Bardon
59  793Jeffrey Bardon
60282Tom Rowe 309Jeffrey Bardon
61133Josh Lee 178Jeffrey Bardon
62  207Jeffrey Bardon
63  643Jeffrey Bardon
65  94Jeffrey Bardon
66  575Jeffrey Bardon
68106Tom Rowe 112Jeffrey Bardon
69100Josh LeeJeffrey Bardon  
70  367Jeffrey Bardon
7174Tom RoweJeffrey Bardon  
72239Tom Rowe 245Jeffrey Bardon
73101Tom Rowe 111Jeffrey Bardon
74252Josh Lee 326Jeffrey Bardon
7585Michael WarnerJosh Lee  
76211 Finn Jepsen214Jeffrey Bardon
77  234Jeffrey Bardon
78  206Jeffrey Bardon
7986Tom Rowe 132Jeffrey Bardon
80224 Finn Jepsen225Jeffrey Bardon
81  156Jeffrey Bardon
82495 Josh Lee512Jeffrey Bardon
83372Josh Lee 384Jeffrey Bardon
84215Josh Lee 220Jeffrey Bardon
85  241Jeffrey Bardon
86188Michael WarnerFinn Jepsen  
87  212Jeffrey Bardon
88  290Jeffrey Bardon
89  211Jeffrey Bardon
90104Tom Rowe 222Jeffrey Bardon
91284Tom Rowe 306Jeffrey Bardon
9252Finn Jepsen 54Jeffrey Bardon
93243Michael Warner 250Jeffrey Bardon
94157Ben Hornlitz 180Jeffrey Bardon
9560Tom Rowe 77Jeffrey Bardon
96219Tom RoweJeffrey Bardon  
97  207Jeffrey Bardon
98  49Jeffrey Bardon
99326Ben Hornlitz 439Jeffrey Bardon
100  120Jeffrey Bardon
101  757Jeffrey Bardon
102  747Jeffrey Bardon
104  551Jeffrey Bardon
105  322Jeffrey Bardon
106  476Jeffrey Bardon
108188Josh Lee 322Jeffrey Bardon
109  249Jeffrey Bardon
110394 Tom Rowe402Jeffrey Bardon
111173Tom Rowe 180Jeffrey Bardon
112  461Jeffrey Bardon
113  375Jeffrey Bardon
114374Tom Rowe 421Jeffrey Bardon
11572Tom Rowe 74Jeffrey Bardon
11681Finn Jepsen 84Jeffrey Bardon
117447Tom Rowe 565Jeffrey Bardon
118377Tom Rowe 415Jeffrey Bardon
119  752Jeffrey Bardon
120231Tom Rowe 244Jeffrey Bardon
121167Josh Lee 176Jeffrey Bardon
122407Tom Rowe 420Jeffrey Bardon
123393Tom Rowe 452Jeffrey Bardon
124343Ben Hornlitz 523Jeffrey Bardon
125324Tom Rowe 358Jeffrey Bardon
126340Tom Rowe 356Jeffrey Bardon
127263Josh Lee 267Jeffrey Bardon
12837Michael WarnerTyler Sontag  
130443Michael WarnerJeffrey Bardon  
13269Michael WarnerTyler Sontag  
133  398Jeffrey Bardon
134394Josh Lee 427Jeffrey Bardon
13571Tom RoweJeffrey Bardon  
13681Finn JepsenTom Rowe  
1386962Tyler SontagBen Hornlitz  
139113Josh Lee 143Jeffrey Bardon
140  686Jeffrey Bardon
141  356Jeffrey Bardon
142518Finn JepsenTom Rowe520Jeffrey Bardon
143332Ben Hornlitz 350Jeffrey Bardon
144946Josh Lee 966Jeffrey Bardon
146316Tom Rowe 319Jeffrey Bardon
147  388Jeffrey Bardon
148277Ben HornlitzJeffrey Bardon  
1495Tyler SontagJosh Lee  
150221Ben Hornlitz 223Jeffrey Bardon
151  360Jeffrey Bardon
15293Jeffrey BardonMichael Warner  
153113Tom Rowe 118Jeffrey Bardon
15450Josh Lee 75Jeffrey Bardon
155170Finn Jepsen 175Jeffrey Bardon
15671Josh Lee 73Jeffrey Bardon
157413Josh Lee 420Jeffrey Bardon
158314Finn Jepsen 334Jeffrey Bardon
159428 Tom Rowe469Jeffrey Bardon
160592Tyler SontagJosh Lee  
161  930Jeffrey Bardon
162486Josh Lee 520Jeffrey Bardon
16385Tom Rowe 89Jeffrey Bardon
164  879Jeffrey Bardon
165423Tyler Sontag 547Jeffrey Bardon
16677Tyler SontagJosh Lee  
167224Josh LeeTom Rowe225Jeffrey Bardon
168260Tom Rowe 268Jeffrey Bardon
17045Tom RoweFinn Jepsen  
17180Tom Rowe 87Jeffrey Bardon
172  465Jeffrey Bardon
173  528Jeffrey Bardon
174184Tom Rowe 246Jeffrey Bardon
175213Josh Lee 241Jeffrey Bardon
176  334Jeffrey Bardon
177291 Tom Rowe323Jeffrey Bardon
178  321Jeffrey Bardon
17961Finn JepsenJeffrey Bardon  
180262Tom Rowe 302Jeffrey Bardon
181324Tom Rowe 348Jeffrey Bardon
182213Tom Rowe 220Jeffrey Bardon
183212Josh Lee 227Jeffrey Bardon
185288Finn Jepsen 290Jeffrey Bardon
186124Tom Rowe 189Jeffrey Bardon
187188Tom Rowe 189Jeffrey Bardon
188336Tom Rowe 377Jeffrey Bardon
18932Finn JepsenIndyindeed  
19072Josh Lee 77Jeffrey Bardon
191337 Finn Jepsen359Jeffrey Bardon
192373Josh Lee 396Jeffrey Bardon
193343Josh Lee 374Jeffrey Bardon
194377Josh Lee 399Jeffrey Bardon
195362Josh Lee 388Jeffrey Bardon
196403Josh Lee 432Jeffrey Bardon
197390Josh Lee 482Jeffrey Bardon
198413Josh Lee 488Jeffrey Bardon
199430Josh Lee 453Jeffrey Bardon
200378Josh Lee 427Jeffrey Bardon
201317Josh Lee 369Jeffrey Bardon
202383Josh Lee 455Jeffrey Bardon
203431Josh Lee 460Jeffrey Bardon
204424Josh Lee 457Jeffrey Bardon
205393Josh Lee 454Jeffrey Bardon
206427Josh Lee 503Jeffrey Bardon
207447Josh Lee 497Jeffrey Bardon
208337Josh Lee 413Jeffrey Bardon
209494Josh Lee 529Jeffrey Bardon
210475Josh Lee 513Jeffrey Bardon
211375Josh Lee 386Jeffrey Bardon
212314 Tom Rowe330Jeffrey Bardon
213389IndyindeedJeffrey Bardon  
214245 Josh Lee255Jeffrey Bardon
215133Josh Lee 214Jeffrey Bardon
216  454Josh Lee
21721Jeffrey Bardon 24Indyindeed
218315Jeffrey Bardon 325Josh Lee
21981IndyindeedJeffrey Bardon  
22210Jeffrey BardonFinn Jepsen  
224  308Tom Rowe
225  436Tom Rowe
227  291Tom Rowe
230  354Tom Rowe
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