JBLP1 v2.dat

This set is the first in a series of MS- and Lynx-compatible level packs that I will be releasing over the next several years.

The levels in these sets are meant to be simple and straightforward in the spirit of the original game, though the difficulty peak is ultimately a bit higher. There's a mix of action, puzzles, mazes, and hodgepodge levels to enjoy for players of almost any skill level.

Please consider the levels in this set for any future community-produced level packs.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 5987310
1Eddy Limb5878300
2J.B. Lewis4356460
3Tom Brown4042370
5Jeffrey Bardon1424960
7Michael Warner319740
8Tyler Sontag61190
9Ryan J.37400


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
190Tyler SontagJeffrey Bardon  
2122Tyler SontagJeffrey Bardon  
3141Tyler SontagJeffrey Bardon  
4175Jeffrey BardonEddy Limb  
5174Jeffrey BardonSyzygy  
6185Jeffrey BardonSyzygy  
7224Jeffrey BardonEddy Limb  
8189Jeffrey BardonEddy Limb  
9219Jeffrey BardonSyzygy  
10189Jeffrey BardonSyzygy  
11228Jeffrey BardonEddy Limb  
12182Jeffrey BardonEddy Limb  
13310J.B. LewisEddy Limb  
14292J.B. LewisEddy Limb  
15419J.B. LewisEddy Limb  
16375J.B. LewisIndyindeed  
17222Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
18168Jeffrey BardonEddy Limb  
19261Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
21293Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
22220J.B. LewisEddy Limb  
23222Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
24219Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
25213Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
27325 Indyindeed326J.B. Lewis
28138Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
30283Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
31307Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
32251Eddy Limb 254J.B. Lewis
33129Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
34322Eddy Limb 324J.B. Lewis
35272Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
36269Eddy LimbSyzygy  
37256Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
38332Eddy Limb 333J.B. Lewis
39410J.B. LewisIndyindeed  
40180SyzygyEddy Limb  
41426Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
42124Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
43269Eddy Limb 270J.B. Lewis
44277 Jeffrey Bardon297Eddy Limb
45338Eddy Limb 339J.B. Lewis
46308Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
47379Eddy Limb 380J.B. Lewis
48309Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
49236Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
5040Jeffrey Bardon 45J.B. Lewis
51257Syzygy 333Jeffrey Bardon
52317Jeffrey BardonJ.B. Lewis  
53311Eddy Limb 312J.B. Lewis
54292Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
55127Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
56324Eddy Limb 332J.B. Lewis
5783Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
58317Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
59390Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
60282Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
61185Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
62241Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
63366Eddy Limb 369J.B. Lewis
65324Eddy Limb 333J.B. Lewis
66298Syzygy 373Eddy Limb
67585Eddy Limb 588J.B. Lewis
68340Ryan J.Jeffrey Bardon  
69463Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
70569Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
71328Eddy Limb 329J.B. Lewis
72186Syzygy 274Eddy Limb
73312Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
75225Eddy Limb 227J.B. Lewis
76244Eddy Limb 245J.B. Lewis
77332 Tom Brown406Eddy Limb
7816Eddy Limb 18J.B. Lewis
79229Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
81399Eddy Limb 401J.B. Lewis
82320Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
83211 Eddy Limb222Syzygy
84241Eddy Limb 278J.B. Lewis
85285Syzygy 296J.B. Lewis
86317Syzygy 322J.B. Lewis
88263 Eddy Limb276Syzygy
89285Eddy LimbJ.B. Lewis  
90238 Tom Brown409Syzygy
91161 Eddy Limb242Syzygy
92254Eddy Limb 285J.B. Lewis
94353Syzygy 403J.B. Lewis
95403 Eddy Limb414Syzygy
96299Eddy Limb 313J.B. Lewis
97250 Eddy Limb266Syzygy
98256Syzygy 304J.B. Lewis
99227Syzygy 233Eddy Limb
100338 Tom Brown422J.B. Lewis
101201 Tom Brown213Syzygy
102329Syzygy 380J.B. Lewis
103246Eddy Limb 309Tom Brown
104177 Tom Brown309J.B. Lewis
105122Eddy Limb 237J.B. Lewis
106263 Syzygy311J.B. Lewis
107209Syzygy 214Tom Brown
108505 Syzygy537J.B. Lewis
10916 Tyler Sontag21J.B. Lewis
111287Michael Warner 294J.B. Lewis
112127 Tom Brown250Eddy Limb
113186J.B. LewisJeffrey Bardon  
114267Eddy Limb 333J.B. Lewis
115441 Syzygy536J.B. Lewis
116144 Tom Brown202Eddy Limb
117220 Tom Brown236Syzygy
118223Eddy Limb 341J.B. Lewis
119303 Tom Brown330Eddy Limb
120237Eddy Limb 307J.B. Lewis
121314Eddy Limb 427Syzygy
122241Eddy Limb 251Tom Brown
123298Eddy Limb 323Tom Brown
125210Eddy Limb 237J.B. Lewis
128272Eddy Limb 301J.B. Lewis
129476Eddy Limb 498Jeffrey Bardon
130  295Eddy Limb
131950Eddy Limb 956J.B. Lewis
132348Eddy Limb 408J.B. Lewis
133261Eddy Limb 322J.B. Lewis
134252Eddy Limb 550J.B. Lewis
137309Eddy Limb 337J.B. Lewis
140345J.B. LewisEddy Limb  
141  417Eddy Limb
142  257Eddy Limb
143359Eddy Limb 370Syzygy
144  446Jeffrey Bardon
146380Eddy Limb 516J.B. Lewis
148  750Eddy Limb
149835Eddy Limb 905J.B. Lewis
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