highest overall scores

perfect score: 805650
1andrew b805230
3Paul Gilbert804000
4Tom Rowe802730
6Larry Jackson776760
7James Anderson772580
8Finn Jepsen771430
9Jimmy Vermeer540700
10Mike L492450
11J.B. Lewis325700
12Andrew Gapic124760
13Jeffrey Bardon98690


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
1135J.B. LewisJames Anderson  
2334J.B. LewisAndrew Gapic  
3373J.B. LewisJames Anderson  
4417J.B. LewisJames Anderson  
5353J.B. LewisJames Anderson  
674Jimmy Vermeerandrew b  
7445J.B. LewisTom Rowe  
8642J.B. LewisLarry Jackson  
9706Larry Jacksonandrew b  
10531J.B. Lewisjeanne  
11654James AndersonLarry Jackson  
12803J.B. Lewisjeanne  
13705J.B. LewisLarry Jackson707andrew b
14932Larry Jacksonandrew b937andrew b
15812Andrew GapicTom Rowe  
16615Larry Jacksonandrew b  
17674J.B. Lewisjeanne  
188James AndersonFinn Jepsen  
1916James AndersonJ.B. Lewis  
2018jeanneJ.B. Lewis  
21673J.B. Lewisjeanne  
22857Larry Jackson 859andrew b
2347andrew bJeffrey Bardon  
24816Larry JacksonPaul Gilbert  
25663jeanneJ.B. Lewis  
26275James AndersonJ.B. Lewis  
2723James Andersonjeanne  
28652 Paul Gilbert653jeanne
29834jeanneandrew b839Larry Jackson
30244J.B. LewisJames Anderson  
31236James AndersonJ.B. Lewis  
32535James Andersonjeanne  
33837Larry Jackson 840andrew b
34438jeanneLarry Jackson  
35675James Andersonjeanne  
36438James AndersonFinn Jepsen  
37803Larry Jackson 804andrew b
38143jeanneLarry Jackson144andrew b
39282 andrew b284Larry Jackson
40148James Andersonjeanne  
41253jeanneandrew b256Larry Jackson
42169jeanneJ.B. Lewis  
43213jeanneTom Rowe  
44813jeanneLarry Jackson  
45603Paul Gilbert 613andrew b
46454Tom Rowe 455Larry Jackson
475James AndersonJ.B. Lewis  
48352Larry Jackson 353andrew b
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