this set uses the lynx ruleset.

highest overall scores

perfect score: 6084500
1Tyler Combs6084460
3Michael Warner4020


evolution of high scores


high scores by level

level # highest confirmed scorehigher scores-to be confirmed
scorefirst reported by first confirmed by scorefirst reported by
139Syzygy 40Tyler Combs
227SyzygyTyler Combs  
393Syzygy 108Tyler Combs
4117Syzygy 121Tyler Combs
546Syzygy 52Tyler Combs
649Syzygy 53Tyler Combs
765Syzygy 81Tyler Combs
8210Syzygy 221Tyler Combs
9178Syzygy 186Tyler Combs
10103Syzygy 111Tyler Combs
1116Tyler Combs 20Syzygy
1242Tyler CombsSyzygy  
1357Syzygy 69Tyler Combs
1460Tyler CombsSyzygy  
1581Syzygy 117Tyler Combs
16250 Syzygy262Tyler Combs
17173Syzygy 207Tyler Combs
1826Syzygy 36Tyler Combs
19129Syzygy 148Tyler Combs
20243Syzygy 249Tyler Combs
215SyzygyTyler Combs  
22185Syzygy 213Tyler Combs
23222Syzygy 231Tyler Combs
2454Syzygy 66Tyler Combs
25147Syzygy 155Tyler Combs
2687Syzygy 94Tyler Combs
2794Syzygy 128Tyler Combs
2872Syzygy 101Tyler Combs
29112Syzygy 183Tyler Combs
30233Syzygy 273Tyler Combs
3173Syzygy 93Tyler Combs
32266Syzygy 278Tyler Combs
33215Syzygy 271Tyler Combs
3428Syzygy 38Tyler Combs
35157Syzygy 293Tyler Combs
3670Syzygy 83Tyler Combs
3775Syzygy 81Tyler Combs
3846Syzygy 93Tyler Combs
39244Syzygy 284Tyler Combs
40173Syzygy 183Tyler Combs
41140Syzygy 176Tyler Combs
4295Syzygy 129Tyler Combs
4383Syzygy 111Tyler Combs
44494Syzygy 603Tyler Combs
4523Syzygy 31Tyler Combs
46192Syzygy 207Tyler Combs
4762Syzygy 69Tyler Combs
4859SyzygyTyler Combs  
4968Syzygy 70Tyler Combs
50562Syzygy 589Tyler Combs
51442Syzygy 545Tyler Combs
52316Syzygy 334Tyler Combs
53101Syzygy 118Tyler Combs
5428Syzygy 35Tyler Combs
55675Syzygy 732Tyler Combs
56169Syzygy 180Tyler Combs
5745Syzygy 184Tyler Combs
5843Syzygy 51Tyler Combs
59148Syzygy 403Tyler Combs
60108Syzygy 137Tyler Combs
61207Syzygy 234Tyler Combs
62117Syzygy 122Tyler Combs
63263Syzygy 271Tyler Combs
64461Syzygy 506Tyler Combs
6520Syzygy 48Tyler Combs
66118Syzygy 146Tyler Combs
67307Syzygy 332Tyler Combs
68201Syzygy 251Tyler Combs
6921Syzygy 28Tyler Combs
70137Syzygy 143Tyler Combs
71246Syzygy 325Tyler Combs
72110Syzygy 117Tyler Combs
73403Syzygy 731Tyler Combs
74138Syzygy 162Tyler Combs
75350Syzygy 411Tyler Combs
76401Syzygy 410Tyler Combs
77199Syzygy 226Tyler Combs
78232Syzygy 252Tyler Combs
7995Syzygy 118Tyler Combs
80153Syzygy 163Tyler Combs
81180Syzygy 216Tyler Combs
82177Syzygy 251Tyler Combs
83200Syzygy 203Tyler Combs
84314Syzygy 390Tyler Combs
85104Syzygy 408Tyler Combs
86169Syzygy 220Tyler Combs
87469Syzygy 537Tyler Combs
8868Syzygy 74Tyler Combs
89121Syzygy 191Tyler Combs
90406Syzygy 459Tyler Combs
91306Syzygy 334Tyler Combs
92127Syzygy 138Tyler Combs
93142Syzygy 162Tyler Combs
94193Syzygy 223Tyler Combs
95172Syzygy 198Tyler Combs
96538Syzygy 615Tyler Combs
97263Syzygy 282Tyler Combs
9879Syzygy 109Tyler Combs
99303Syzygy 341Tyler Combs
100286Syzygy 436Tyler Combs
10132Syzygy 34Tyler Combs
10251Syzygy 78Tyler Combs
103183Syzygy 237Tyler Combs
104541Syzygy 566Tyler Combs
105231Syzygy 267Tyler Combs
106307Syzygy 313Tyler Combs
107216Syzygy 286Tyler Combs
10859Syzygy 123Tyler Combs
109108Syzygy 243Tyler Combs
110418Syzygy 522Tyler Combs
111125Syzygy 182Tyler Combs
11276Syzygy 137Tyler Combs
113167Syzygy 198Tyler Combs
114216Syzygy 239Tyler Combs
11591Syzygy 148Tyler Combs
116176Syzygy 224Tyler Combs
11795Syzygy 105Tyler Combs
118139Syzygy 221Tyler Combs
119231Syzygy 290Tyler Combs
120632Syzygy 657Tyler Combs
121268SyzygyTyler Combs  
122113Syzygy 158Tyler Combs
123216Syzygy 235Tyler Combs
12499Syzygy 155Tyler Combs
125228Syzygy 354Tyler Combs
126292Syzygy 443Tyler Combs
127593Syzygy 608Tyler Combs
128273Syzygy 352Tyler Combs
1296Syzygy 8Tyler Combs
130193Syzygy 335Tyler Combs
131143Syzygy 168Tyler Combs
132275Syzygy 431Tyler Combs
133149Syzygy 164Tyler Combs
134314Syzygy 388Tyler Combs
135291Syzygy 375Tyler Combs
136147Syzygy 171Tyler Combs
137310Syzygy 359Tyler Combs
138100Syzygy 131Tyler Combs
139199Syzygy 228Tyler Combs
140267Syzygy 569Tyler Combs
141373Syzygy 397Tyler Combs
14297Syzygy 130Tyler Combs
143182Syzygy 224Tyler Combs
144228Syzygy 280Tyler Combs
145436Syzygy 525Tyler Combs
14659Syzygy 83Tyler Combs
147170Syzygy 314Tyler Combs
148187Syzygy 236Tyler Combs
149131Syzygy 187Tyler Combs
150214Syzygy 340Tyler Combs
15157Syzygy 62Tyler Combs
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