level 1: Tetrahedron

Added the socket so you have to use all the keys.

level 2: Dodecahedron

Made the red key necessary.

level 3: Sphere

Removed the shortcut to the force floors.

level 4: Circle Gets the Square

Added a chip and socket to prevent the backwards-off-the-force-floor shortcut.

level 5: Line

Took the generator out from under the block -- now the block is just a block in both rulesets.

level 6: Octagon

Cleaned up route to exit and removed an unnecessary key.

level 7: Secant

Removed blue key/green key shortcut. Yellow key is an intended red herring.

level 8: Inscribe

Changed blue doors to teal walls, removing shortcut. Changed red doors to walls, removing shortcut.

level 9: Circumscribe

Added invisible walls I forgot in the first place.

level 10: Altitude

Moved fireboots so you can't get them from the teleport.

level 11: Y Do Fools Fall?

Added socket so you can't jump off the force floor to the exit.

level 12: End of the road

Not solvable.