level 1: Death and Destruction

#121 in CCLP4.

My first level after a brief hiatus from designing after I finished TS0. The "teeth on bombs" gimmick was thought of first, inspired by the start of A Sample of Things to Come from CCLP2. The rest of the teeth puzzles fell into place from there. The fireball section was originally harder, containing four fireballs. The teeth and brown button section was modified for CCLP4 to make it shorter. Sokoban section was adapted from either a David Skinner or Aymeric du Peloux level; don't remember the exact source. I hate the bug section.

Title is a reference to a Weezer song from their album "Maladroit".

level 2: Empty Rooms

#88 in CCLP4.

A simple level that did not go through many iterations. I wish the final room used appearing walls instead of invisible walls. There is a fun alternate solution to the blue lock room that is used for the Lynx bold route: you can release the fireball early and have it loop in the room while you move the rest of the blocks to the left.

level 3: The Illuminati

A very gimmicky yet unremarkable level. I wanted to use the recessed wall trick in a level and come up with a Sokoban where you needed to discard one block and use it somewhere else in order to make the section solvable.

level 4: Bloody Tears

A variety level. I wanted to use the "get trapped on an ice tile and wait for a button to be pressed" concept present in the NE corner for a while. I like the glider chase section where you cannot pass them until they enter their main loop.

Title is a reference to a track from the game Castlevania II.

level 5: Regicide

A slight ripoff of Paramecium Palace from CCLP1. Nothing too interesting here, though I like the option for the player to take the suction boots, with the tradeoff that the pink ball will then be zooming around on the force floor track.

level 6: The Little Engine That Could

Simple maze level, though the paths are a bit longer than I should have made them. I may use the tank progression concept later in a CC2 level. Title inspired by an Eddy Limb level called "The Little Block That Could".

level 7: Orbit

Not too interesting of a level, and a ripoff of JoshL4 #14 "Dynamic Twist".

level 8: Tales from the Crypt

A lengthy campaign level that I am still proud of. People have said that the right teleport section is too difficult but I don't really agree so I have not made it easier. Top-right section is a concept I donated to Josh before I made the level and he used it in JoshL4 #12 "The Strangers", but then I brought it back for my own use in this level. Ending blob section was inspired by the walker room in You Can't Teach and Old Frog New Tricks from CCLP3.

Title is a reference to the TV show of the same name.

level 9: Melancholia

Not too interesting of a level. Tried to make another "subversion of expectations" section at the end, similar to what is in The Illuminati. Hint was written to be similar to the hint of Diabolical from CCLP3.

Title is a reference to the film of the same name.

level 10: Bam Thwok

#130 in CCLP4.

This level uses a concept that was used in Ultimate Chip 4 #123 "Double Time Warehouse". The two levels were developed independently with different executions of the concept, and I'm not sure which one was designed first. But the concept was actually pulled from EvanD1 #37 "Synchrony" where it was not developed much. The fireball section at the beginning was removed for my CCLP4 submission set because the timing in Lynx is too difficult. There was once a section in the top-right area of the level that involved carving a path from dirt for a fireball and the path needed to be as long as possible. This was removed because it involved precisely counting steps, which gets tedious.

level 11: Trapped, Trapped, Trapped, Till the Cage Is Full

This is the only level that I first placed in my rejects set but then bring it back to my main set. It is level #136 in TCCLPRejects. That level was originally busted, had a lower time limit, a longer title, and no bombs that you were required to clear.

Title is a reference to the song "You've Got Time" by Regina Spektor.

level 12: Snowbound

Nebulous about when I designed this. I wanted to design a level that contained the four chip structure in the middle. The rest of the level is mostly unoriginal except for the top-left corner. I also tried to give the level a unique feel with some useless open space.

level 13: Forsythia

#84 in CCLP4.

This level was made in August of 2014. It received a release first in Chuck's Challenge and became one of its most popular custom levels.

The level does not contain many original individual sections, but I feel it is brought together in an original way. The tank arrangement is taken directly from Josh Lee's "Next in Line", and the fire boot section is similar to the top section in Grank Fikes' "Block Head". The top right is supposed to be the "forsythia" even though it looks nothing like an actual forsythia flower.

The fire boots section requires one fewer recessed wall than given, which I did not notice until after CCLP4 was released. The CCLP4 version also places a recessed wall under a yellow lock allow for more leniency in the timing in Lynx, though I personally disagree with it.

The title was inspired by the song "Forsythia" by Veruca Salt.

level 14: Sweetness and Light

This level starts my trend of finally trying to make easier levels. Not too much to say about it other than I tried to give the level a more open and relaxed feel compared to earlier levels. The central ice intersection was inspired by the iOS game and Chips clone "Rodent Rush", a game which also inspired J.B. Lewis.

The title is a reference to the song "Sweetness and Light" by Lush.

level 15: Gap Teeth

A very non-Tyler level. Rarely do I make levels with a small, singular concept but I thought this one was neat enough. I made the outside area open for reason a la Lemmings from CC1.

level 16: Teeth Dispensary

Enjoy your complimentary teeth monster!

Middle section is similar to Josh's "It's No Skin Off My Teeth" but I believe I thought up the concept independently. This level is minorly busted in TS2 because you can use the suction boots from the top left to enter the teleport near the start. The bridging section at the bottom is sort of controversial because there is little indication that you need to leave a path through the green lock unblocked, but I kept it in just to have at least one level that doesn't conform to the "a level should be solvable on the first try" standard.

level 17: Prolonging the Magic

A 100% ripoff of Archie Pusaka's "The Longest Track"! However, different room shapes lead to drastically different strategies for trying to get the longest monster path so I think there is merit to this level. A script I wrote verified the longest paths for each iteration. There is a sequel to this level in my CC2 set TSAlpha that improves on this level a lot: no busts, less penalty for not making it to a room in time, and more blocks :)

Title is a reference to the album of the same name by Cake.

level 18: Flippant

#60 in CCLP4.

A fun gravel and water level. It is fairly easy, but was made sort of as a tutorial for new players on planning ahead. Title has no meaning other than being similar to the word "flipper".

level 19: Exclusive Or

#46 in CCLP4.

Double Sokobans return from Mindless Self Indulgence! Another pretty easy one, there was not much more that could be done with this concept. I believe I designed this level on a Twitch stream.

Secret pro-tip for optimizers: the suction boot route is faster.

level 20: White Noise

A collection of some simple ice and wall mazes. I mostly focused on the presentation and aesthetics for this level. Title was inspired by a Super Meat Boy level of the same name.

level 21: The Crusher

Kind of a weird level lol, but a new and easy concept nonetheless. The aesthetics, weird geometry, and openness of the level were again inspired by CC1. The title was inspired by the Frogger 3D level "Uncanny Crusher", back during a time when Jeffrey Bardon was starting to name a bunch of his levels after Frogger 3D levels.

level 22: Monorail

#132 in CCLP4.

I feel this is a good level to end the set on. I had the idea for a level having boundaries that you enter at the end for the longest time. At first I envisioned a 5x5 rooms level using this concept, but that would have involved too many thin walls and thus a lot of unusable space since items on thin walls are not Lynx compatible (could have worked in CC2 though!).

This level has received some flak after it was placed in CCLP4 for having rooms that are not too interesting and I somewhat agree. I consider the trap section and the partial post section the only interesting parts. The beginning block section is pointless, and actually was originally designed to be longer with three more blocks, and I have heard that the top pink ball section is sort of tough. But in the end, I am still very pleased with the presentation and think it is a great ending for TS2 and my CC1 designing career.