level 1: Kinetic Aesthetic

Title is a reference to a phrase said by the character Dimitri Lousteau from the game Sly 2: Band of Thieves.

level 2: Cyprus

After I finished making the bulk of the level, I realized it was sort of shaped like the nation of Cyprus, so I named the level after it. This level has the distinction of being the highest level in CCLP1 voting to not get in the final set.

level 4: Different Barriers

Designed to be a prequel to Pushy, i.e. to be able to show monster partial posting more clearly.

level 7: Spring

Level somewhat inspired by Antonio Vivaldi's "Spring" concerto.

level 8: Dig for Fire

Level named after a Pixies song from their 1990 album, Bossanova.

level 12: Plug In Baby

Level named after a Muse song from their 2001 album, Origin of Symmetry.

level 13: Lounge Act

Level named ater a Nirvana song from their 1991 album, Nevermind.

level 14: Colors for Extreme

Level named after a song from DDR Extreme called "Colors (for Extreme)" by dj TAKA.

level 15: Metal Harbor

Level named after a Sonic Adventure 2 level. Its music is kickass.

level 16: Crete in Winter

Title is a reference to the legendary Greek Labyrinth, located on Crete, and the CCLP2 level "The Lake in Winter".

level 17: Thief, You've Taken All That Was Me

Level named after a Weezer demo from 1992.

level 18: Gimmick Isle Part Deux

A sequel to level 38 of TS1, but this level is inferior.

level 19: Toxic Caves

Level named after the first level of the game Sonic Spinball.

level 20: The Haunted Blocks

Title stolen from my cousin's level set, BrianS1, which is no longer avaiable on the Internet :)

level 21: Propaganda

This level was previously named "Neon". Both of these titles really have nothing to do with the level itself.

level 23: Slipping with the Enemy

Title suggested by Madhav Shanbhag.

level 24: Primal Rage

Lever named after the 1994 fighting game of the same name.

level 27: Xenocide

Title suggested by Dave Varberg.

level 29: You Can't Judge a Level by Its Title

This was my submission for the CCLP3 Cypher competition, with some later modifications.

level 30: Teknopathetic

Level named after a track by Hideki Naganuma, featured in the game Jet Set Radio Future.

level 32: Cynicism

This was my attempt at making a Trust Me-style level, and was intended to be more difficult than "Magic Trick". Consequences to this were many busts.

level 36: Fireball Adventure

A collaboration with James Anderson. I designed the first two-thirds of the level, then asked him to design the last third and make any other modifications he saw fit.

level 37: The World Has Turned and Left Me Here

Level named after a Weezer song from their 1994 self-titled album.

level 38: Mindless Self Indulgence

Level named after the band of the same name.

level 39: Hate This and I'll Love You

Level named after a Muse song from their 1999 album, Showbiz.